With UCS 5 the Univention Portal is delivered as an app with some improvements. This app is a "preview" of the new portal, can be installed on UCS 4.4 and allows to use the new portal. The preview includes all functionalities of the previous UCS portal. During the installation of the app, the previously used data is migrated once. The setup and maintenance of the new portal is currently still associated with a certain amount of effort. The app is intended to enable UCS users to familiarize themselves with the new functions, test them and provide feedback to the Univention development team.

Uninstalling the app is not intended. However, you can return to the portal from UCS 4.4 in manual steps via the command line.

The main feature of the new portal is the embedding of, for example, modules of the UCS management system or apps installed in the UCS environment from the App Center via iframes, so that they no longer have to be opened in a new browser tab but are displayed directly in the portal. In this way, for example, individual UMC modules can be accessed directly via the portal. User registration and self service can also be embedded in the central portal. With the self service, the user menu can now be enhanced by the administrator with functions such as "protect account".

Since the app is a preview of the new portal, there are still some restrictions. For example, there are apps that do not allow or support iframes. In certain cases, HTTP and HTTPS links are mixed. And the portal entries of apps must currently still be changed manually so that they are displayed in the portal preview.


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