Admin Diary Frontend

The Admin Diary is intended for administrators who want to quickly gain an overview of administrative changes in their UCS domain. Different UCS domain-specific actions are logged, e.g.:

  • Creating and modifying objects in the directory service (e.g. users)
  • Installing/updating apps
  • The domain join and updates of UCS systems

The Admin Diary Frontend offers a (UMC) web interface to display events chronologically, to search for events or store notes on events. After installing the app in the UCS domain, all UCS instances automatically start to log events.

The Admin Diary Frontend requires an installed Admin Diary Backend, which can also be installed using the App Center. If the backend was not installed on the same system, the steps in this SDB article must be followed.

This app installs the Frontend which is availbale as module in the Univention Management Console (UMC).

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Download UCS and activate Admin Diary Frontend directly from the App Center.

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