As Simple as Possible, as Secure as Necessary

In today’s digital world, the use of various IT services is indispensable for organizations. It’s crucial that users can comfortably access all necessary services while sensitive processes and data remain protected from unauthorized access. Modern access management significantly boosts the efficiency of your workflows and ensures the integrity of your IT systems in an era of increasing cyberattacks.

User Accounts

Comfort and Control

Our Open Source Access Management offers numerous benefits to end users. It starts with easy login to the web portal and a Single Sign-On that provides centralized access to all IT resources. Additionally, users benefit from self-services that allow them to reset passwords and manage their accounts independently.




UCS@school Self Service

Security and Compliance

Our Access Management enables administrators to efficiently and precisely manage user access rights. Automation of access processes and centralized management via the Univention Management Console (UMC) significantly reduce administrative workload. Predefined policies and precise access controls ensure IT security while making it effortless to comply with regulatory requirements.

Cross-Platform Authentication Services

Connecting Standards

Our Access Management brings you many of the most important authentication standards. Keycloak, as the Identity Provider (IdP) of UCS, supports standard protocols like SAML and OpenID Connect. This allows your users to conveniently authenticate with a central login, even for third-party applications.

With central identity management, the necessary data is always available and synchronized. Users can securely and with encryption log in to various clients using the same credentials, whether their operating system is Windows, macOS, or Linux.

UCS Portal Identity Management
Single Sign-On (SSO)

One Login, Many Services

With Single Sign-On (SSO), users only need to log in once with our Identity Provider (IdP). After that, integrated solutions and standard protocols like Kerberos, SAML, or OpenID Connect handle the authentication processes for various services and applications, even if they are web-based.

And if a service doesn’t support SSO standards, it’s no big deal. The “Same User, Same Password” principle applies, allowing users to use the same login name and password across different services. This encourages the use of complex passwords and increases the security of your entire IT system.

Groups and Roles

Clear Responsibilities

Our Access Management allows you to centrally define access rights based on membership in specific roles or groups. Individuals in the “Administrator” group naturally have much more extensive rights than regular users or students. This way, you protect sensitive data and IT processes from unauthorized access, making your IT more secure.

Mockup User Groups


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