Easy Migration from Microsoft Domains to UCS

Ensure smooth collaboration between your systems and services by integrating Active Directory. If you’re planning to migrate your AD domain, Univention Corporate Server (UCS) offers various options to make the transition effortless and efficient. Use UCS’s flexible solutions to optimize and future-proof your IT infrastructure.

AD Connector & AD Connection

Parallel Operation: UCS & AD

Migrate to UCS step-by-step by running it alongside your existing Active Directory. With the AD Connector, you can synchronize information between Active Directory and UCS, ensuring smooth parallel operation and easing the migration of services and user accounts to UCS. Alternatively, you can operate UCS as part of an AD domain with the AD Connector, keeping Active Directory in the lead role.

Active Directory Connenction
Active Directory Takeover
From Scratch & AD Takeover

Stand-Alone Setup

We’re here to help you set up an independent solution, too. Build a new AD-compatible domain with UCS, supported by Windows services (Samba). Or, use our AD Takeover app to migrate an existing Active Directory domain to a UCS Samba/AD domain. All your GPO policies, SIDs, and group memberships will stay intact.


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