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Imagine you’re working in an organization that relies on a variety of IT applications every day. Accessing these applications should not only be straightforward but also secure. That’s where we come in. We’ve developed a solution that simplifies access to your applications—experience optimal integration, easy access to your applications, and enhanced collaboration within your team.

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Central Administration
Simplify your workflow by managing all users and their access rights in one centralized hub, ensuring efficiency and ease of management.
Smooth Integration
Easily connect existing user databases or IAM systems with popular applications, simplifying the process and ensuring compatibility across your IT ecosystem.
Flexible Implementation
Deploy our IAM solution according to your need, whether as an appliance or containerized—offering versatility to adapt to your unique requirements.

Open IAM with Portal

With Nubus, you get an innovative Open Source solution that integrates and manages user identities and access rights across different applications. Our user-friendly admin interface makes it easy to manage users, groups, and access rights. Plus, a central portal with self-service features gives your end users a simple and straightforward entry point.
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Integration Packages for IT Services

With our standardized open interfaces, you seamlessly integrate your applications. We offer integration packages for common applications to easily connect them. Thanks to our scalable and flexible architecture, Nubus evolves with your organization and adapts to your needs. You can trust that Nubus will provide optimal support for your IT environment and grow with you every step of the way.
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How to Get Started

Use Kubernetes for easy deployment of Nubus. This solution aligns with the “German Administration Cloud Strategy” (DVS) and the guidelines of the “Guide to Basic Protection” (German Federal Office for Information Security). By doing so, you automate deployment, ensure service redundancy, and scalability. Additionally, Nubus forms the core of our products UCS and UCS@school, facilitating seamless integration of identity management and applications—either as a software appliance or in virtual machines.
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Key Features of Nubus: An Overview

UCS Portal
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Manage identities and access rights in one central location, effortlessly administer users and groups, even in complex IT infrastructures.

UCS@school IAM

More convenience and security in your daily work: Experience our user-friendly interface with just one login for all IT and cloud services.

UCS@school Self Service

Make your administrators’ life easier by allowing users to reset their passwords and manage their accounts independently.

UCS@school Portal

Explore pre-configured and ready-to-use integrations that greatly simplify the connection of various services and applications.

Integrationen UCS@school

Connect your IT services effortlessly with our open interfaces. Import data from various user directories seamlessly and in a standardized fashion.

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