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Logo der Stadt Chemnitz


The SyS-C team of the city of Chemnitz maintains the IT of 80 schools in Chemnitz with about 30,000 users and about 5,000 end devices. Besides Microsoft Windows, also Linux operating systems are installed on these devices.


  • Active Directory compatible domain services for group policies and domain integration of new Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Deployment of an open source solution if possible
  • Co-existence of Windows and Linux operating systems in schools via a uniform user directory
  • Central software distribution with depot server function at the schools
  • Graphic interfaces for computer room management
  • Easy extension of the solution with central IT services for mobile end devices such as tablets, e.g., data exchange services
  • Fully automated user management


Univention corporate Server (UCS) with integrated Samba 4 and UCS@school as well as the software distribution tool opsi by uib GmbH.

Logo Basel Stadt

City Basel

Educational center PZ.BS, ICT Medien
Maintaining 60 school sites with 25,000 pupils and 2,500 teachers and about 3,000 PCs and notebooks.


  • Central solution for the about 60 school sites with minimal overhead for the schools themselves
  • Connection to Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection
  • Extensive interface for the complete and automatic import of accounts from pupils and teachers
  • Single sign-on and site-independent access to services via the Internet
  • Integration of further services such as LDAP, mail and web mail, eduBS-Cloud (ownCloud), Plone (eduBS-education server), school websites), eduBS-ILIAS, SoLe
  • Connection of Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection for the provision of virtual desktops based on Citrix.


Since 2010 UCS@school is used on 13 servers and 13 further, connected virtualized UCS servers as the central identity and access management system for the provision of file sharing, groupware services and virtual desktops based on Citrix.

City Hanover

The objective of a pilot project of the city of Hanover, encompassing six schools and 5,500 users, is to create modernized IT groundworks and an infrastructure for the digitization of Hanover’s education system. The pilot project, which is scheduled to run until 2018, works on the implementation of a centralized IT infrastructure management, among other things.


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with UCS@school provides a central access and authorization management for the connected schools and web services. Automatic import mechanisms ensure the synchronization of the data of users, schools and classes. The connection of the Active Directory is made by the AD Connector contained in UCS@school.

City of Aachen

City of Aachen, 37 primary schools, about 7,500 pupils as users, 11,800 workplaces in education and administration


  • Standardization of the IT infrastructures
  • Efficient operation with minimal efforts on-site at the schools
  • Educational functions for teachers
  • Virtualization of all servers


UCS@school as the central identity and access management system combined with virtualized UCS@school school servers in the data center. Windows clients in those schools with a stable connection to the data center. The city of Aachen is supported by our partner regio it.

Logo der Firma connexionpoint

Connexion Point

Connexionpoint is one of the leading business process outsourcing providers in the USA, with a special focus on health issuance solutions.


  • Support for Windows and Linux Mint Clients
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant solution
  • Support for multiple locations
  • Ease of Management of over 2500 users


UCS is the platform of choice for managing end user systems configurations and identities across Windows and Linux Mint Clients as well as managing the identities and passwords within the connected Services used by the Agents. UCS is the deployed as the leading identity provider across all Call Centers.

Eberspaecher Tageslichttechnik Logo

Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik

The Austrian company Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik with several sites and over 70 employees, many of whom work in field sales.


  • Sustainable IT infrastructure which is also equipped to deal with future requirements
  • Standardised identity management
  • Groupware solution, with which employees can continue to work with Microsoft Outlook clients
  • An in-house cloud solution
  • Cost-effective


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) incl. Samba 4 and groupware Zarafa

Georg Müller Schule - Logo

Georg Müller School

Logo Landkreis Kassel

Kassel District

The media center maintains 72 schools in the district of Kassel with about 25,000 pupils. It also manages the use of around 6,000 end devices.


  • Central administration of the school IT in spite of the wide-spread area structure
  • Functional IT despite partially poor Internet connection at schools in rural areas
  • Centralized provision of services from the data center Hofgeismar, combined with local school servers


Full extension of UCS@school with central services and school servers.
Partial use of UCS@school administration servers in networks which are separated from the educational network.

Landkreis Friesland

Landtag Brandenburg

LuxBau Logo

Lux Bau GmbH

Lux Bau GmbH in Hainfeld (Austria) with 120 employees at 3 sites


  • Conversion of the existing Windows server and conversion of Cyrus mail server
  • Sustainable IT infrastructure, which is also equipped for future requirements with its standardised identity management
  • New groupware solution, with which employees can still continue to work with Microsoft Outlook Clients


Conversion of the existing Windows server to Univention Corporate Server and conversion of Cyrus mail server to Zarafa

mce bankl ogo

MKG Bank

Logo der Firma myToys


Nuhr Medical Center

Nuhr Medical Center in Senftenberg.


  • Complete upgrade of the IT system
  • IT as the basis for maintaining and further developing the high medical standard
  • Improvement of the IT services for patients
  • Secure connection of mobile devices


UCS on two Fujitsu Primergy servers including Zarafa groupware and Microsoft Outlook as the client together with a Kaspersky Lab security solution, SEP Seam back-up and restore solution and new patient management software.

POWER Personen-Objekt-WERkschutz GmbH

Security service provider POWER PERSONEN-OBJEKT-WERKSCHUTZ GMBH with 1,000 employers and 10 subsidiaries located throughout Germany


  • Cost-effective solution also offering high security and stability
  • Greater use of server virtualization
  • No interruption or restriction of productive operation during migration
  • Simple connection of 10 subsidiaries



regio iT: ucloud@school

ucloud@school is the secure and data protection compliant cloud offering for schools and school authorities by regio iT which is already used by 100 schools in North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Multi-client capability during operation
  • Self-management functions for the schools
  • Single sign-on via Shibboleth/SAML
  • Interfaces for the provision of user accounts and groups within the identity and access management
  • High compatibility between UCS@school and services of other manufacturers


regio iT uses Univention Corporate Server and the integrated LDAP directory service as the identity and access management system for ucloud@school. It also offers connected file sharing and groupware services, which can be purchased in addition by schools and schools authorities.

Rewe digital Logo

Rewe digital

Founded in 2014 and rapidly increasing, REWE digital can be defined as the core of the digital transformation of the REWE Group. All strategic and operative online activities of the REWE Group are concentrated on the premises of the Carlswerk in Cologne. One of the most important tasks of REWE digital is to digitize the food trade in Germany. In addition to the premises in Carlsberg with more than 500 staff members REWE digital runs six Food Fulfillment Centers with 1,800 staff members.


  • Central and consistent identity management
  • Connection and easy administration of the users of Google G Suite and other services
  • Connection and authentification of services against a central identity management / LDAP
  • Single Sign-on respectively SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)


  • UCS as the central identity management
  • Connection of Google G Suite via UCS Google Connector
  • Connection of Atlassian Stack to UCS
  • DNS server & DHCP with UCS
  • Integration of parts of the clients, especially of Apple OS X into the domain
SIKB - Logo

SIKB | Saarländische Investitionskreditbank AG

The Saarländische Investitionskreditbank AG (SIKB) is the Saarland Regional Development Institute (Saarland).


  • Central user administration including group guidelines
  • Setup and operation of a sustainable and future-proof IT infrastructure with an integral identity management
  • Easy connection of Windows and Linux clients


UCS as a domain controller in a master / slave environment with Samba 4 and integration of Open-Xchange as a groupware solution

Logo Soundcloud


Logo - Frankfurt Oder

Sport and school administration office of schools in Frankfurt (Oder)

  • Number of schools: 15 schools (18 locations)
  • Number of users (pupils/teachers/employees): about 7,000
  • Clients/server systems: about 1,600/50
  • Printer/interactive whiteboards: 160/120


  • Centralised administration of educational IT infrastructures of the schools
  • Cross-school, centralized provision of IT services such as e-mail, Internet, Intranet and the integration of different end devices such as the pupils’ smart phones and tablets
  • Cross-school, centralized user management
  • Centralized data backup
  • Easy-to-use software solution for teachers for controlling IT and the pupils’ computers in the classrooms
  • Preferred application of open source and free software


Univention Corporate Server 4.0-4 with Samba 4 and UCS@school 4.0 R2 v6
Master (hosted) / slave (for each location)

Stadt Bremerhaven

The media center Bremerhaven supports schools in the implementation of IT-based classes.

The aim here was to provide the 17,500 teachers and pupils in this town with an easy and safe access to the learning platform itslearning.


  • Automatic, low-maintenance user administration for thousands of users
  • Intuitive and easily manageable solution as no IT experts were available
  • Fast integration of the learning platform itslearning
  • Possibility to integrate further IT services such as email, Active Directory or WLAN authentication later on
  • Central administration with the possibility to delegate certain single tasks to schools
  • The continuous import of user data from different data bases allows consistent and up-to-date user accounts


UCS with UCS@school as the central identity and rights management for the learning platform itslearning. The integration of further IT services into UCS was planned for the future.

Stadt Cottbus

The school administration department of the city council of Cottbus is responsible for the IT infrastructure of its 25 municipal schools with a total of around 10,500 teachers and pupils.


  • The set up of a central directory service
  • The integration of school servers
  • A central software distribution via opsi
  • There are also plans to extend the WLAN infrastructure using Radius


UCS Standard Subscription Research & Education, UCS@school

Logo Stadt Fulda

Stadt Fulda


Stadt Völklingen


University of Vechta