Digital Identities: Powering Modern Workplaces

Efficiently manage identities, roles, and user groups, even in complex IT setups. Our tools make it simple—no special IT skills needed. With smart self-service options, standardized interfaces, and easy import mechanisms, you can take the hassle out of routine tasks for you and your helpdesk team. This approach ensures your IT operations are both efficient and user-friendly, freeing up time for more critical activities.

Comprehensive User Life Cycle

One for All, All for One

With numerous integration interfaces, you can easily connect source directories like HR systems and target systems with their own user databases to our identity management.

We handle the entire user life cycle, from creating user accounts to deleting them. All user info stays up-to-date and is centrally available for all your IT applications. This means no more duplicate maintenance and ensures high data quality, saving you time and effort.

Interfaces & Integrations

Compatible and Open

Our identity management system offers standardized interfaces like LDAP, SAML, OIDC, Shibboleth, and Kerberos for the automated import and export of users, groups, and permissions from other directory services. This eliminates the need for manual data maintenance.

Ready-to-use integration packages for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Active Directory, Nextcloud, and Open-Xchange make implementing new projects and connecting to our IAM especially easy.


The Sky is the Limit

With our solutions, you can manage small networks or IT environments with millions of accounts. We offer the flexibility and scalability you need to grow with your business. The horizontal and vertical replication of the integrated LDAP directory service ensures that your systems are always up-to-date and reliable.

Break the boundaries of your IT infrastructure with us: expand your IT capabilities as fast as you want—the sky’s the limit.

UCS Portal Identity Management
UCS@school Self Service
Self-Services for Passwords & Accounts

Do It Yourself

With the Self Service App, users can easily change or reset their passwords, update contact details, or upload a profile picture. Admins can set up who’s allowed to make these changes.

The Self Service App is also great for setting up new accounts. New users get an activation link to activate their account and complete their info. Alternatively, users can create their own accounts from scratch.

Key Features

Core Services Overview

  • Centralized management of identities, groups, and permissions
  • Operate on-premises or in the cloud
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory
  • Single Sign-On for all services and convenient self-services
  • Pre-configured roles and permission models
  • Intuitive and customizable web interface
UCS Portal


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