We want to guarantee the optimal and secure operation of our software at any time. This is why we regularly publish errata updates at errata.univention.de. The errata updates close security gaps and remove critical bugs. In addition, we also pool the published errata updates regularly to provide patch level releases that facilitate users the update process.

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-8

Release date: 11.06.2024

Release Notes UCS 5.0-8

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-7

Release date: 14.03.2024

Release Notes UCS 5.0-7

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-6

Release date: 13.12.2023

Release Notes UCS 5.0-6

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-5

Release date: 13.09.2023

Release Notes UCS 5.0-5

UCS Point-Release 5.0-4

Release date: 20.06.2023

Release Notes UCS 5.0-4

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-3

Release date: 08.02.2023

Release Notes UCS 5.0-3

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-2

Release date: 30.06.2022

Release Notes UCS 5.0-2

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-1

Release date: 14.12.2021

Release Notes UCS 5.0-1

UCS 5.0

Release date: 25.05.2021

Release Notes UCS 5.0