Welcome to the Digital Classroom

With UCS@school, using IT services in your lessons has never been easier. Control computer rooms, PCs, and internet access with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly interface lets you quickly access all essential functions: internet filters, exam mode, printer management, and more. Our software also makes it simple to distribute and collect materials and share screen content.

Computer Room Management

Control the Classroom Tech

Use our computer room management to efficiently oversee school computers, letting teachers focus fully on teaching. Group computers by room and centrally control student access. Integrated internet filters ensure students only reach the necessary resources. Teachers can monitor computers, share screens, and provide support when needed. Less time on administration, more time for teaching—that’s our goal.

Computer room management UCS@school
Classwork mode for digital lessons with UCS@school
Exam Mode

Ready, Set, Test!

With exam mode, teachers can create the perfect testing environment. Special PC settings, reduced access rights, and the ability to monitor student activities ensure fair testing conditions. Prepare the environment thoroughly and provide materials in advance to minimize stress during exams.

UCS@school enables secure examinations in compliance with the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany.

Material Distribution

Paperless Teaching

Say goodbye to piles of paper! With our material distribution feature, teachers can easily share all digital teaching and learning materials with classes or groups and collect them once they’re done. Schedule material distribution to perfectly prep lessons and cut down on administrative tasks during class. Teaching has never been so digital and easy.

Material distribution for digital lessons with ucs@school
Printer management with ucs@school
Printer Management

Print Control Central

At first glance, printer management might seem trivial, but in a digital classroom, it’s essential. With centralized printer control, teachers maintain oversight of printing processes and print jobs. This ensures that resources are used efficiently and important documents are printed on time.

Discover Our Tools for Digital Teaching

With UCS@school, we’ve made it super easy for teachers to manage their digital classrooms. Our user-friendly platform simplifies teaching in computer rooms, and you also get access to tons of third-party apps that boost communication and collaboration. Whether you need video conferencing, chat programs, office applications, or file-sharing solutions, you can centrally manage all the digital tools your school needs for efficient teaching. Everything is available through the Univention App Center, with ready-to-use connectors or standardized interfaces.

Check out the Univention App Center now and find the perfect tools to make your teaching more effective and interactive.


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