Working at Univention: be open.

Openness, respect, responsibility, integrity, a desire to develop, and fun are core aspects of the work here at Univention, as are our actions and the way we interact with others – short and fast communication channels, flat hierarchies, the use of first names, and a feedback culture which functions honestly and respectfully at the same time in all directions.
We want to develop ourselves further both personally and professionally. To this end, we communicate with each other continuously and openly. This way of working together and the shared goal of making the digital world better and more open are what make Univention not just a great place to work but also a ‘place to be open’.

What you can expect here

When you hit the ground running at Univention, you should find your feet in your role quickly and soon become part of the team: to this end, we do everything in our power to support you in your initial training period!
Not only that, we also want to and will discover and realize new possibilities and perspectives for your optimal further development regularly and together with you from that point forward too. After all, your commitment and motivation should pay off for you as well: we offer you a wide range of possibilities for personal and professional further development, making decisive contributions, and taking on responsibility.

During the Initial Training Period

  • Training as required and corresponding to your existing skills and knowledge
  • Mentoring scheme
  • Participation in foundation and product training

Further Into Your Employment

  • Regular checking of personal support requirements in the scope of feedback discussions
  • Employee project days: regular “time off” to be utilized for topics in your professional field in which you are personally interested
  • Attendance of specialist symposia/conferences

  • Regular team meetings within the department and at operational level
  • Scrum-based work
  • Topic-specific “pizza” evenings
To the Online Application

Let’s make the IT world a better place!

Join our team

  • Python, Full Stack and Linux Developers
  • IT Consultant
  • Senior IT Solution Architects
  • and many more

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