Ever considered an open relationship?

…or maybe a special job? Something steady. Something attractive. Something with a lot of potential. And something else particularly special – a whole lot of freedom: For you, as an IT expert and aficionado, as an employee, and as a person. Including all your talents, your desires, and your rough edges. There’s no discounting a better quality of life either.

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What about us?

We are the better alternative. Because we want to make the (virtual) world a better place. On the one hand, we are thoroughly convinced by and passionate about Open Source. Software with an openness which makes it simply more innovative and effective than the products on offer from the industry giants.

On the other hand, because openness is also a quintessential element of life in our company. For you, that means drawing greater pleasure from your work, the community, and your (professional) life as a whole.

With us, you’ve come to the right place. If this sounds like you…

  • You enjoy taking on responsibility
  • You want to and know how to tap your potential
  • You don’t have to separate work, life, and fun completely
  • You work like we do: with motivation and a drive for results
  • You enjoy being surrounded by helpful, intelligent people
  • You want to make the world (of IT) a little bit better
  • You are the way you are…
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…we want you on our team.

To ensure we don’t stop enjoying continuous growth either.
The best thing is for you to contact us right now.
To do so, please use our application form or send your application in an e-mail to

be happy. be successful. be open.