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Are you passionate about IT? Do you want to make your own decisions about your digital footprint and make a difference in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place. Working with us, you will bring exciting and large-scale projects geared towards increased digital sovereignty in public administration and business to a successful conclusion and you can explore new paths for sustainable digitalization. You will become part of the globally collaborating and agile open-source community and help to shape the IT of tomorrow. be open – for new professional challenges and an inspiring and open collaboration in our team of IT experts and open-source enthusiasts.

This is Univention

Since 2002, we have offered companies and institutions open-source solutions for managing digital identities and integrating IT applications using UCS and UCS@school.

Our solutions are already being used by thousands of organizations and institutions – from corporations like Orange or Suse, to numerous German states, schools, and small businesses.

Univention Team

Dive into the world of Univention

Get to know your future colleagues

What does the typical working day look like for Stefanie, Open-Source Software Consultant, and what did Arvid, Team Lead Software Engineering, have the most respect for in his job interview? Let your future team colleagues tell you what working at Univention is like for them.

Foto Arvid Software Engenieer - Univention

My life is ruled by SCRUM and Bugzilla – just kidding. It’s actually quite a dynamic mix of tasks, partly technical, but there is also intensive communication in and between teams. The only recurring fixed date that I have every day are the SCRUM dailies.

Get to know Arvid
Foto Jan-Luca - interne IT - Univention

Even as a working student with less weekly working hours, I always feel involved and am treated as a full-fledged colleague. Therefore I am all the more happy to start working for Univention directly after my studies as IT system engineer.

Get to know Jan-Luca
Foto Julia - Trainee Development - Univention

What I particularly like about my training is that I was allowed to work directly on the product from the very beginning. I have always received a lot of support but also trust.

Get to know Julia
Foto Kevin Head of Finance & HR - Univention

The development of employees and teams is my passion. Every day I am striving to take our organization to the next level.

Get to know Kevin
Foto Stefanie - Consultant - Univention

Working as a consultant is an interesting mixture of IT know-how and customer contact to me.

Get to know Stefanie
IT Project Manager Arjen talks about his work at Univention

Univention is not a typical hierarchical company. At Univention, being a Project Manager for example is not about hierarchy, but a Project Manager is just another role to make things work.

Get to know Arjen
IT System Engineer Oliver talks about his work at Univention

Univention gives me a lot of freedom to develop. Also, Univention pursues social goals in addition to monetary ones. I am happy to contribute to the further spread of OpenSource software and digital sovereignty.

Get to know Oliver
Digital Sovereignty: Univention Vision

Our Vision: Creating Digital Sovereignty for the World

We all leave traces and data on the web – sometimes voluntarily, but very often without having any influence on it. That’s exactly what we want to change! We have made it our mission to advance digital sovereignty across the world by raising awareness for and facilitating a more informed use of IT. With the use of 100% open-source software and the possibility to decide at any time to whom we hand over which data, we ensure transparency and control over data, processes, and software. Because only those who have full freedom of choice can define who they are and what role they want to play in a digital world. Learn more about our vision and how we live it at the company.

Learn more about our vision

Our Culture: What makes us tick

At Univention, we cultivate a corporate culture that enables each individual employee to develop their potential, drive projects forward, develop and take on responsibility. We work together as equals and regard performance and innovative ideas as more important than hierarchies.

Our five core values form the basis: openness, integrity, respect, responsibility, and development. We have developed these based on a mutual exchange, regularly put them to the test in day-to-day cooperation, and constantly develop them further.

Learn more about our culture

Univention Kultur: be open

Your benefits

Working at Univention will not only enable you to grow professionally and personally, but it feels good too – benefit from our wide range of development opportunities and benefits, from team workshops, training, mobile work options through to sponsored company fitness.


Flexible working hours allow you to achieve a positive work-life balance.


Whether from home, the office, or a quiet place of your choice. With us, you can choose your workplace.


We support you in achieving your health goals and subsidize your sports activities at Qualitrain and your company bike.


At company events such as regulars’ tables, virtual meetings, summer and Christmas parties, you also get to know your colleagues on a personal level.


You can try out new ideas, working methods, and technologies in small teams at regular hackathons.


Whether Bremen, Berlin, or Leipzig: our offices are all centrally located and easily accessible for you thanks to the best transport connections.


Linux, Mac, or Windows? Choose the technology that works best for you.


We support you financially with a wide range of further training platforms and offer plenty of internal opportunities for learning and exchanging ideas with your colleagues.


Short decision-making processes, an agile working approach, and meetings where everybody can contribute as equals give you room for self-determined and successful work.