Unlocking Document Freedom with UCS and Collabora Online

Collabora and Univention have enjoyed a friendly relationship for many years, working closely on large projects such as openDesk, and sharing our time and expertise with each other at different events. We were delighted to host Univention CEO Peter Ganten as our keynote speaker for our annual conference in 2022, and have had the privilege of contributing to Univention summits for some time now.

UDM Blocklists: Take Control of User Properties in UCS Environments

Blog udm blocklisten_en (1500 x 500 px)
Have you ever faced the challenge of ensuring certain user properties, like usernames or email addresses, remain off-limits for future accounts after deleting a user? The new blocklist feature in Univention Corporate Server Version 5.0-6-erratum-974 is the solution. This article takes a closer look at UDM blocklists.

Univention App Highlights: Enhancing Office Solutions Through Advanced IAM Integration

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Welcome back to our journey into the world of Univention apps! In this blog series, we regularly present exciting applications from our App Center. In our second episoide, we’re diving into IAM integration with two key connectors: the Microsoft 365 Connector and the Google Workspace Connector. These apps build bridges and facilitate exchange between your UCS environment and these essential cloud office solutions.

Univention Corporate Server 5.0-7

UCS Patchlevel-Release 5.0-7 Headerbild
Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0-7, the seventh patch-level release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0, is now available. It encompasses all errata, bug fixes, and security updates released since version 5.0-6, including updates for OpenSSH, MariaDB, and the Linux kernel. Additionally, an exciting new feature has been introduced: the blocking of previously used values in UDM.

Univention App Highlights: Top 3 for Heterogeneous Environments

Univention App Highlights Heterogeneous Environments
Welcome to our first journey into the world of Univention applications! In this new blog series, we will regularly present exciting applications from our App Center. In the first episode, we focus on three tools for different environments: Whether you’re using Univention Corporate Server as a single domain controller, integrating the server into an existing Active Directory, or planning to migrate an entire existing AD domain to UCS – we have the perfect solution for you!

New Manual for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators for faster on boarding with UCS

Manual Debian Ubuntu
We have added a new member to our portfolio of product documents: The manual “Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators” is now publicly available. This document has been specially developed to make it easier for people with an administrative background in Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu to get started with UCS and to avoid typical pitfalls in system configuration, software administration and domain joining and the resulting follow-up work. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the idea, making of and contents of this manual.

UCS 5.2 Alpha: Preliminary Version of the Next UCS Released

Blog UCS 5.2 Alpha
On November 21, we released the Alpha version of UCS 5.2. It is the harbinger for the first minor release since the release of UCS 5.0 in May 2021. The Alpha version is intended to give a first impression of the upcoming UCS 5.2, in particular the basic packages of the distribution have been updated; UCS 5.2 Alpha is therefore primarily aimed at app providers who want to test their app today. However, installation and updates are generally available to anyone who wants to get an idea of the next version today.