UCS@school 5.0 v5, the fifth patch level release of UCS@school 5.0, is now available, containing a number of fixes and improvements, some of which I would like to highlight.

Importer now accepts different encodings as input format

The UCS@school Importer now officially accepts input files encoded not only in UTF-8 but also alternatively in UTF-16, both Little Endian and Big Endian. Additionally, user guidance has been improved in case an unsupported encoding is used.

Detection of the output format of class list exports optimized

Class list exports are available in two formats. To optimize compatibility with different programs for further processing, the browser now communicates how the chosen format is structured, allowing subsequent programs to utilize this information.

Improved robustness of computer imports

Previously, there could be issues during computer imports if the subnet mask was accidentally specified as an IP address or if multiple MAC addresses were provided. Overall, the robustness for these cases has been improved such that faulty inputs are now detected and reported before import, and handling multiple MAC addresses later proceeds smoothly.

Release Notes

A comprehensive list of all the new features and changes can be found in our changelog. If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas, we welcome your feedback here on the blog or on help.univention.com/.

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