Strong IT Infrastructure, Strong Organization

Think of your IT infrastructure like a well-oiled machine — every gear and spring needs to work precisely to keep the whole system running smoothly. With UCS, you can manage IP addresses, networks, software applications, domains, and devices effortlessly. Our monitoring solutions keep you informed and in control at all times. Our tools ensure your IT systems are efficient and secure, keeping everything running like clockwork.


Managing Networks

Easily manage your DNS data with our built-in DNS server, BIND. It translates the internal IP addresses of servers and network components into easy-to-read names, making your network administration simpler.

Use DHCP for networks of any size. New devices automatically get an IP address and a hostname, with options for dynamic or static allocation. By assigning fixed IP addresses based on the MAC address, you can prevent unauthorized devices from accessing your network.

Domain Management
Device Access Management

Domain Management

With UCS, you can bridge the gap between Linux and Windows systems and manage cross-platform domains and IT infrastructures. Manage users, groups, servers, desktop systems, networks, mail accounts, and more through the Univention Management Console (UMC) web interface or the command line.

Automate tasks with scripts and APIs. The LDAP directory service provides a stable foundation, containing all domain-wide relevant data. Connect Windows-based clients using UCS’s Active Directory-compatible services or integrate existing AD domains.

RADIUS for Network Security

Bring Your Own Device

Many organizations and educational institutions allow users to bring their own devices. But before external devices connect to the school or corporate Wi-Fi, administrators need to ensure these devices don’t become entry points for malware.

RADIUS takes care of authentication, authorization, and accounting, verifying usernames and passwords, and granting access to data or services upon successful login. Additionally, RADIUS logs data transmission volumes and access frequencies, ensuring secure network management.

Device Management
Dashboard for UCS Domain and Server

Smart Monitoring

Our dashboard gives you a quick and easy overview of your UCS domain and servers. Access different dashboards right from your web browser, and stay updated with continuous reports on your domain and devices. You’ll see at a glance which servers need updates and what important changes have been made.

Spot potential issues early, analyze your IT environment, and optimize your administrative tasks.


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