School authorities have the mission to provide schools with easy-to-manage IT infrastructure, services, and digital data which teachers and students can access at any time, from anywhere, and that meet data protection requirements.

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Centralized management of digital identities

UCS@school is an identity and authorization management system optimized for the educational sector to centrally manage users, services, applications, and digital media. Important basic services such as the provision of WLAN, authentication, printing or file storage are integrated. Other solutions such as e-learning, file sharing or e-mail can simply be connected to the management system.

Reduction of expenses and costs

Centralized deployment reduces administrative overhead and thus the operating costs for each school. It also makes IT more reliable and enables modern digital learning through secure and easy-to-handle digital identities.

Optimized for school authorities and schools

This differentiates UCS@school from traditional, local school server solutions and classic identity solutions that neither support the role and legal structures needed in schools, nor the required services.

The Main Features of UCS@school

  • Identity and authorization management optimized for operating a school
  • App Center with more than 80 easy-to-integrate additional IT services such as software distribution, groupware, and instant messaging
  • Interfaces for the integration of learning management systems or school administration software with automatic data import
  • Secure use of mobile devices in the school’s network (RADIUS)
  • IT services adapted to school needs such as WLAN, communication, file storage, printing, and administration of PC workstations
  • Role-based rights concept to access digital learning platforms, IT services, and digital media
  • Automatic user management with integrated self-service functions such as a password reset

For further information on UCS@school please visit our German website!

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