Univention Corporate Server

The Modern Open Source Infrastructure Solution for Companies and Institutions

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is the flexible, cost-efficient and successful successor to server solutions from Microsoft. UCS includes comprehensive Active Directory functions and an App Center to integrate and operate enterprise applications. UCS allows web-based IT management and is well suited for organizations of any size.

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The Best Solution to Manage and Operate IT in Schools

UCS@school ist an identity and access management optimized for schools which meets schools’ demand for a mobile and safe access to IT services. UCS@school offers integrated, school-specific functions for WLAN authentication via e-mail, file sharing, and self services as well as the possibility to integrate further solutions such as e-learning platforms and cloud services.

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Univention Corporate Client and Domain Join Assistant

Operating Systems for PCs, Notebooks and Thin Clients

UCS enables the operation of different client systems from Windows, Apple MacOS or Linux in one domain. We offer two options for the central installation and administration of Linux-based desktop systems. The first one is the Ubuntu-based Univention Corporate Client (UCC), which is maintained by Univention. UCC allows you to control and operate thin client devices centrally. The second option is the Univention Domain Join Assistant.

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