The federal city of Bonn has 88 schools with around 47,300 user accounts, which are managed centrally by NetCologne IT Services GmbH using UCS@school. The UCS Microsoft 365 Connector also enables UCS users to single sign-on to the Office software solution.



The city of Bonn in the administrative district of Cologne has a total of 88 schools, 38 of which are secondary schools. On behalf of the school authorities, NetCologne IT Services GmbH manages the around 47,300 user accounts centrally with UCS@school (Primary Directory Node). A separate UCS@school server (Replica Directory Node) is set up at each of the 38 secondary schools.

In addition, NetCologne IT Services GmbH operates the Moodle e-learning platform in its own data centre, which can be connected to the UCS system. Currently, 16 schools with around 10,000 users use the service. The mobile device management (MDM) Jamf School is also connected to UCS@school.



  • Centralized identity management for all users with the option of connecting to other services
  • Provision of a learning platform as a pedagogical interface for the school environment
  • GDPR-compliant management of mobile devices (iPads)
  • Integration Microsoft 365


  • Switch to a central solution with a Primary Directory Node in the data centre of NetCologne IT Services GmbH and own Replica Directory Nodes in the schools.
  • Centralized identity management for all users including optional Moodle integration with an external service provider, mobile device management and single sign-on for Microsoft 365.
  • Implementation and integration of centralised software distribution with OPSI.

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