Identity and Access Management

Keep the digital identities of your users under your own control and manage user data and access rights centrally and conveniently via UCS.

Integrating and Operating IT Services

Expand your IT environment easily with new IT services and specialized applications from the Univention App Center or via standardized interfaces and integrate them in the central IDM of UCS.

Managing Entire IT Infrastructures

Manage your entire IT environment centrally and web-based with the Univention Management Console – whether users, clients, domains, virtualized systems or applications.

Test UCS as Core Edition for Free and Use it Productively

With the Core Edition, you can get to know UCS in its full functional scope and use it free of charge. Download our IT management solution as an ISO or VM image. If you have any questions, you can find help in our active community forum. Or take the support subscription that is right for you and which you can also book later.

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Test and Use UCS as a Ready-to-Use Software Appliance

As an alternative to the UCS Core Edition, you can opt for one of our preconfigured virtual appliances, which UCS delivers ready-to-use and free of charge in combination with an application such as ownCloud, Nextcloud, Rocket.Chat, and many others. In the Univention App Center Catalog you find numerous appliances in different virtualization and cloud formats.

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Univention App Appliances

Project Support and Assistance

A reliable IT infrastructure is the basis for the functioning and profitability of your organization. Therefore, UCS users can choose between different support options – from free community support for the UCS Core Edition to our forum and extensive on-site project support with your personal technical assistant. Our Enterprise Subscriptions offer a transparent, scalable and customizable pricing model.

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Organizations of All Sizes Trust UCS

Logo der Firma connexionpoint

Connexion Point

Connexionpoint is one of the leading business process outsourcing providers in the USA, with a special focus on health issuance solutions.


  • Support for Windows and Linux Mint Clients
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant solution
  • Support for multiple locations
  • Ease of Management of over 2500 users


UCS is the platform of choice for managing end user systems configurations and identities across Windows and Linux Mint Clients as well as managing the identities and passwords within the connected Services used by the Agents. UCS is the deployed as the leading identity provider across all Call Centers.

Eberspaecher Tageslichttechnik Logo

Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik

The Austrian company Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik with several sites and over 70 employees, many of whom work in field sales.


  • Sustainable IT infrastructure which is also equipped to deal with future requirements
  • Standardised identity management
  • Groupware solution, with which employees can continue to work with Microsoft Outlook clients
  • An in-house cloud solution
  • Cost-effective


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) incl. Samba 4 and groupware Kopano

Ludwigslust-Parchim District

In Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim there are currently 19 schools at 21 school locations with around 7,200 students, 670 teachers and around 25 clerks.

The district pursue following goals by using UCS@school:

  • Expansion of the fibre-optic network, which provides 30 Mbit/s in every classroom and an area-wide wifi network in all buildings (temporary solution: exploitation of already existing providers)
  • Provision of mobile terminals, especially at secondary and vocational schools, based on pedagogical concepts
  • Relocation of services to the cloud or to Schwerin‘s computer centre, e.g. data storage, document management, applications, learning applications, e-mail, (school administration software)



  • Definition of a unified IT strategy at the district‘s schools on the basis of the media development plan
  • Central concept for operation and support including necessary know-how build-up and correspondingly efficient organisation
  • Practical privacy policy for all school areas
  • IT security for all computer networks, especially for the pedagogical and administrative network
  • Youth protection via policies and central firewall
  • Backup solution for all data


  • Using UCS@school for a central administration of all users‘ identities as well as a central user-friendly access to all applications
  • itslearning as a learning platform for lesson preparation, provision of learning material and tasks, promotion of group work, communication between teachers, students and parents
  • Integration of the district‘s media centre online media library with learning material
  • Microsoft Outlook for e-mail communication (via MS Office package licence)
  • Central software distribution, support, technical maintenance and supervision by the IT service provider KSM, which is not only supported by Ludwigslust-Parchim district but also by others
  • Various Microsoft Office products (local installation on private terminals via Office 365), including applications such as interactive maps, video editing, etc.
  • File sharing and file storage via cloud solutions including the connection to the the user administration of UCS@school
LuxBau Logo

Lux Bau GmbH

Lux Bau GmbH in Hainfeld (Austria) with 120 employees at 3 sites


  • Conversion of the existing Windows server and conversion of Cyrus mail server
  • Sustainable IT infrastructure, which is also equipped for future requirements with its standardised identity management
  • New groupware solution for e-mails, appointments and contacts including an automatic data exchange between groupware and the central MIS system


Conversion of the existing Windows server to Univention Corporate Server and conversion of Cyrus mail server to Kopano


Univention GmbH is a developer of Open Source software for the operation and management of IT infrastructures and the administration of digital identities. Our goal is to enable companies, government institutions and the education sector to keep their data, applications and IT systems under their own control, to use them easily and to combine and further enhance them according to their needs. To this end, we have developed UCS as a complete solution for the administration of IT infrastructures, applications, resources and users.
Building on UCS, we offer UCS@school, an education-optimized platform that provides and manages IT services for schools, school boards and states.

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