June 11, 2024 – Today, the European Open Source Consortium (EOS Consortium) was unveiled, providing a unique opportunity for large organizations to leverage the benefits of open source for their digital transformation. As the largest European cooperation of open source companies, the consortium is a strategic alliance that promotes sovereignty, independence and sustainability in IT through the use of open source. Together, the consortium addresses the need for a pan-European digitialization partner and service provider specialized in open source and open standards, targeting businesses, governments and public administrations.

The EOS consortium consists of leading European open source consulting companies and product providers, including Redpill Linpro from Scandinavia, Smile from France, Univention from Germany, Adfinis from Switzerland and Lunatech from the Netherlands. Together, the organizations have offices in more than 15 European countries and a total of more than 3,000 regionally distributed digitialization specialists focused on consulting, development, optimization and the operation of large open source projects.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the European Open Source Consortium. Together, we want to enable companies and large public sector organizations to shape their digital future based on open standards and also support them with regionally available know-how”, explains Peter Ganten, CEO at Univention, a founding member of the EOS consortium.

Interest in the development of digital innovations based on open source is currently growing strongly due to several factors. These include:

    1. Focus on creating a more resilient digital Europe and strengthening technological sovereignty, as demonstrated by the increasing regulation of tech giants.
    2. Increasing pressure on companies to provide a secure and trustworthy basis for digitizing their own processes and innovations and to protect information.
    3. Demand for a reduction in dependencies and licensing costs as well as better reusability and integration of technical components, particularly in the area of digitalization in the public sector.

For the first time, the consortium now makes it possible to easily access the entire range of expertise of all consortium members in many European countries through contracts with one of the consortium members.

“With the European Open Source Consortium, we are removing one of the most common objections to the development and support of large open source projects in companies – namely that there are no pan-European open source partners for administrations and companies”, says Peter Ganten.

Following today’s launch, the EOS consortium will continue to grow. Providers of suitable services and products are invited to contact the consortium. In addition, the EOS consortium plans to work closely with other European organizations in the open source environment, such as the OSB Alliance, Open Source Sweden, CNLL in France and APELL.

Information and contact

For more information about the EOS Consortium, the largest business collaboration for open source services and products in Europe, please visit https://eos-consortium.com.
Press contact: info@eos-consortium.com

About Univention

Univention, headquartered in Bremen, is a provider of open source solutions for the efficient management of digital identities and the integration of applications. Openness, scalability and ease of use are central features of Univention products and serve to realize digital sovereignty, which ensures that user organizations have control over their own data and identities as well as the ability to independently design information technology.

The product Nubus bundles central Identity & Access Management, a web portal for easy access to applications and the option of integrating applications via standardized interfaces and integration packages.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an open integration platform that includes Nubus and its own App Center and enables the central management of heterogeneous IT domains. UCS can be operated as a software appliance in your own data center as well as in the cloud.

And the solution UCS@school, which is tailored to the education sector, offers school authorities an optimized platform for the simple provision of services from different providers such as learning management systems, e-mail, cloud and office applications for schools via their own school portals. Users can be imported – also automatically – from national directories and managed centrally.

Univention’s solutions are used by numerous federal states, municipalities and districts, administrations and companies throughout the DACH region.



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