Advantages of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation offers numerous advantages, such as promoting digital sovereignty, which enables independent and secure operation in the digital world. As organizations become more digitized, the dependency on individual manufacturers and products increases, highlighting the importance of Identity & Access Management (IAM). IAM is crucial for enabling individuals and institutions to independently, autonomously, and securely fulfill their roles in the digital world. By gradually implementing digital transformation measures in public administration, you can achieve the following objectives.

Data Sovereignty
Data Sovereignty preserves the integrity and trust of your users.
Efficient and flexible management of your IT landscape enables you to meet the needs of your employees.
Capacity to act
The use of open interfaces to promote standardization enhances your flexibility and future-proofing.
Securely use technologies with digital identities

Central IAM with UCS

UCS simplifies the management of identities, roles, and user groups, even across complex IT infrastructures. With the Univention Management Console (UMC), you can easily create and centrally manage digital identities, and define individual roles and access rights for your IT services and resources.

Our platform enables the automatic import and export of users, groups, and permissions from other applications. Open interfaces ensure compatibility with other services, such as Microsoft Active Directory. Common applications can be seamlessly integrated into UCS and provided to end users through an online portal.

UCS scales effortlessly in environments with up to millions of users, is entirely composed of open-source software, and can be operated both in your own data center and with a cloud provider.



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