Manage with UCS your entire server and IT infrastructure comfortably via a central management console and seamlessly integrate additional IT services and applications into your existing IT.

With UCS@school you offer schools, teachers and students data protection compliant access to IT services for digital learning and reduce your administrative effort thanks to central identity management.

In the Univention App Center you will find a variety of software appliances for easy integration into your IT infrastructure such as office solutions, collaboration tools, project and customer relation management, backup and much more.

Almost 700 participants from education, administration and companies discussed the challenges and opportunities of digitalization with open source on 25 & 26 January. Here you can see first impressions of the open source event of the year.

Univention Summit 2024

Identity Management in Use

With UCS and UCS@school, we develop open source solutions for central identity and access management in large network infrastructures of organisations, public administration and educational institutions.

Chefarztabrechnung24 GmbH works as a long-standing billing partner for chief physicians, specialists and hospitals.

  • Development of an own IT infrastructure
  • Collaborative applications like email, calendar, address books
  • Access via web frontend
  • Mobile connection of smartphones using ActiveSync protocol
  • Shared access to file structures organized in network drives
  • Use of one of the most modern computer centres in Germany (ISO:27001 controlled and certified computer centre)
  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
  • OpenVPN and FileServer
  • Ubuntu Server LTS and the Zimbra groupware
  • Newly purchased business Thinkpad notebooks with mobile connectivity
  • Desktop remains as usual: Windows 7 Professional

This environment supports a distributed team through a traditional collaborative workspace deployed in the cloud.

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Logo Basel Stadt

Educational center PZ.BS, ICT Medien
Maintaining 60 school sites with 25,000 pupils and 2,500 teachers and about 3,000 PCs and notebooks.

Since 2010 UCS@school is used on 13 servers and 13 further, connected virtualized UCS servers as the central identity and access management system for the provision of file sharing, groupware services and virtual desktops based on Citrix.

  • Central solution for the about 60 school sites with minimal overhead for the schools themselves
  • Connection to Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection
  • Extensive interface for the complete and automatic import of accounts from pupils and teachers
  • Single sign-on and site-independent access to services via the Internet
  • Integration of further services such as LDAP, mail and web mail, eduBS-Cloud (ownCloud), Plone (eduBS-education server), school websites), eduBS-ILIAS, SoLe
  • Connection of Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection for the provision of virtual desktops based on Citrix.
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Diakonie eine Welt Logo

The Austrian deaconry Eine Welt

  • Replacement of the unsufficient management console
  • Central management of the devices and their users
  • Central identity management in order to easier integrate different services.
  • Future-proof with connection possibilities also to cloud services

Univention Corporate Server: As this infrastructure solution allows the integration of Windows domains on the one hand and because UCS offers the desired Open Source base with a German-speaking community on the other. Last but not least, Univention also has an Austrian service partner in Siedl Networks.

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Eberspaecher Tageslichttechnik Logo

The Austrian company Eberspächer Tageslichttechnik with several sites and over 70 employees, many of whom work in field sales.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) incl. Samba 4 and groupware Kopano

  • Sustainable IT infrastructure which is also equipped to deal with future requirements
  • Standardised identity management
  • Groupware solution, with which employees can continue to work with Microsoft Outlook clients
  • An in-house cloud solution
  • Cost-effective
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz logo

A federal office with 750 employees, 9 locations and 950 workstations with conventional office software and specialist applications.

UCS incl. Samba 4.

  • Easy administration and great flexibility at the same time
  • Consistent adminsitration of decentralised it infrastructures
  • Georedundancy and high availability of all services
  • Comprehensive support of all Microsoft Windows workstations and specialist applications
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Research institute with 800 employees at 6 sites located across Germany currently working on over 180 different research projects.

  • New operating system allowing central administration of all resources
  • Takeover of all users and rights
  • Complete migration of entire 15-year e-mail archive
  • Problem-free communication among staff
  • Simple options for updating the system

Set-up of four virtual servers with vSphere (VMware),UCS for central identity management and IT infrastructure management, Active Directory Connector for synchronisation of all existing directory services, Open-Xchange as new e-mail and groupware solution and Oxtender for mobile device access.

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HLA Hameln Logo

In order to encourage the media competence of the students, the Vocational School Handelslehranstalt Hameln is using an internet-supported learning environment since 2010, which is actively used by approx. 1,700 pupils and about 80 teachers.
The development of a media educational concept has made it necessary to adapt the IT infrastructure within the school.

  • User-friendly single sign-on
  • Integration of the cooperation platform EduPlaza, which among other things provides individual mail accounts for students and teachers
  • Flexible extension of further software tools for collaborative use within a portal solution
  • Centrally administrable IT infrastructure with which additional school locations can be later integrated across the school district
  • Secure internet access
  • Integration of mobile end devices using central ID switching service

Central administration of the complete school IT including a centrally managed identity management of all participants with UCS@school. Creation of a portal page (, with which teachers and students get a single sign-on access to the school-wide, powerful WiFi as well as to all applications, such as EduPlaza, WebUntis, the Messenger Rocket.Chat, the software distribution opsi and the complete PC room control.

Logo Landkreis Kassel

The media center maintains 72 schools in the district of Kassel with about 25,000 pupils. It also manages the use of around 6,000 end devices.

  • Central administration of the school IT in spite of the wide-spread area structure
  • Functional IT despite partially poor Internet connection at schools in rural areas
  • Centralized provision of services from the data center Hofgeismar, combined with local school servers

Full extension of UCS@school with central services and school servers.
Partial use of UCS@school administration servers in networks which are separated from the educational network.

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KiKxxl - Logo (AWB)

Founded in 1999, KiKxxl is a communication server provider with its headquarters in Osnabrück and which operates call centres in Bochum, Bremen and Dortmund. The company boasts 1,900 employees and 1,600 computer-based workplaces.

  • Automation of granting of user rights
  • Reduction of administration efforts for user and group administration
  • Integration of important services (mail, chat, office license management, telephony) into the central resource management

Univention Corporate Server runs on one Primary Directory Node, four Replica Directory Nodes and nine Backup Directory Nodes. The UCS management system is used for the assignment, adjustment and control of the rights assignment. KiKxxl has expanded the UDM module in the UCS management system to automate the control processes in such a way that it is no longer necessary for the IT specialists to intervene.

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Landesmedienzentrum Baden Wuertemberg LMZ Logo

Over 550 Baden-Württemberg schools, whose school networks and IT services for lessons are supported by the LMZ.

The new version of paedML Linux 6.0, which is based on UCS@school and the Open Source server operating system Univention Corporate Server.

  • Flexible firewall solution for expanded network infrastructures
  • Multi-server operation and multi-school capability
  • Support of current Windows desktops in the schools
  • Control options for teachers such as screen monitoring and transfer or automatic distribution and collection of student data
  • Integration of student smartphones
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In Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim there are currently 19 schools at 21 school locations with around 7,200 students, 670 teachers and around 25 clerks.

The district pursue following goals by using UCS@school:

  • Expansion of the fibre-optic network, which provides 30 Mbit/s in every classroom and an area-wide wifi network in all buildings (temporary solution: exploitation of already existing providers)
  • Provision of mobile terminals, especially at secondary and vocational schools, based on pedagogical concepts
  • Relocation of services to the cloud or to Schwerin‘s computer centre, e.g. data storage, document management, applications, learning applications, e-mail, (school administration software)


  • Definition of a unified IT strategy at the district‘s schools on the basis of the media development plan
  • Central concept for operation and support including necessary know-how build-up and correspondingly efficient organisation
  • Practical privacy policy for all school areas
  • IT security for all computer networks, especially for the pedagogical and administrative network
  • Youth protection via policies and central firewall
  • Backup solution for all data
  • Using UCS@school for a central administration of all users‘ identities as well as a central user-friendly access to all applications
  • itslearning as a learning platform for lesson preparation, provision of learning material and tasks, promotion of group work, communication between teachers, students and parents
  • Integration of the district‘s media centre online media library with learning material
  • Microsoft Outlook for e-mail communication (via MS Office package licence)
  • Central software distribution, support, technical maintenance and supervision by the IT service provider KSM, which is not only supported by Ludwigslust-Parchim district but also by others
  • Various Microsoft Office products (local installation on private terminals via Office 365), including applications such as interactive maps, video editing, etc.
  • File sharing and file storage via cloud solutions including the connection to the the user administration of UCS@school
LuxBau Logo

Lux Bau GmbH in Hainfeld (Austria) with 120 employees at 3 sites

Conversion of the existing Windows server to Univention Corporate Server and conversion of Cyrus mail server to Kopano

  • Conversion of the existing Windows server and conversion of Cyrus mail server
  • Sustainable IT infrastructure, which is also equipped for future requirements with its standardised identity management
  • New groupware solution for e-mails, appointments and contacts including an automatic data exchange between groupware and the central MIS system
Logo Maynard Steel Casting Co.

Maynard Steel Casting Company is a full-service foundry based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with around 300 employees.

  • Replacement of outdated Microsoft Windows Active Directory Services
  • Implementation of a new groupware
  • Possibility to operate IT in the own data centre
  • Reduction of administration effort and more scalability
  • Unified and simple management of IT services and users
  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS) for operation and management of the entire IT infrastructure
  • The groupware Kopano for mail and calendar
  • Integration of the already in use solutions Fuse Mail, VMWare, Solidworks and Magma-soft into the management of UCS.
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Car dealership with affiliated workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with 150 employees and 75 end devices that need to be serviced

  • Replacement of the obsolete and maintenance-intensive MS Active Directory
  • Reduction of administrative overhead
  • Easy to use central identity and access management
  • Integration of Mercedes specialist applications into the IDM
  • More security through domain-wide password policies
  • File sharing and roaming profiles
  • Replacement of MS Active Directory through UCS with Samba 4
  • Joining all virtual and physical desktops into the UCS domain
  • Migration of all users to UCS
  • Central management of WLAN and VPN user access via UCS
  • Connection of virtual desktop systems and thin clients in UCS
  • Connection of Mercedes specialist applications e.g. sales processing, scheduling and maintenance
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Molitor Zahntechnik Logo Transparent

Molitor Zahntechnik (Dental laboratory technology company) in Berlin

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) on server hardware from Thomas-Krenn.

  • Complete overhaul of the IT for a modern, low-maintenance IT environment protected against viruses.
  • Use of the familiar, Microsoft Windows-based specialist applications
  • Integration of Mac workstations
  • Scalability of the new IT environment so as to be able to mount additional sites by means of a private cloud in the future if and as required
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Univention GmbH is a developer of Open Source software for the operation and management of IT infrastructures and the administration of digital identities. Our goal is to enable companies, government institutions and the education sector to keep their data, applications and IT systems under their own control, to use them easily and to combine and further enhance them according to their needs. To this end, we have developed UCS as a complete solution for the administration of IT infrastructures, applications, resources and users.
Building on UCS, we offer UCS@school, an education-optimized platform that provides and manages IT services for schools, school boards and states.

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