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Want to keep full control over identities and processes in your organization? Univention Corporate Server (UCS) meets all the requirements for modern, professional Identity & Access Management. UCS helps you shape your IT strategy according to your own vision, providing the tools to efficiently manage identities and processes—for true digital sovereignty.

Seamless Integrations
Our comprehensive standard integrations in UCS ensure a smooth start and quick success for new projects. They enable seamless integration with your existing systems and applications, allowing you to hit the ground running without any hitches.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication service that lets all users access necessary services, applications, and tools with just one login. This ensures easy, secure access to everything they need with minimal hassle—ultimate user-friendliness!
Active Directory Integration
UCS offers various options for collaboration or complete migration of your AD domain. This ensures smooth interaction between your different systems and services, allowing for a trouble-free exchange of information across your IT environment.

Identity & Access Management

UCS provides a centralized solution for identity and access management, making it particularly easy to manage identities, roles, and user groups. Choose whether you prefer on-premises or cloud operations, and always maintain full control over identities and passwords. Our user-friendly solution enables Single Sign-On for all services, scales effortlessly, and integrates with other IT services and specialized applications.
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Integration into AD Environments

UCS offers complete AD services and integrates seamlessly into existing Active Directory domains. Effortlessly manage users, permissions, server and client systems, networks, and mail accounts with UCS. Our comprehensive Active Directory features enable you to easily manage AD-compatible systems like Windows, macOS, and various appliances through group policies.
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Identity Access Management UCS

More Productivity, Less Effort

Our portal is your central hub for all IT services, applications, and tools. With Single Sign-On, users get instant access to all applications according to their permissions. Administrators can easily customize the design using drag and drop. Our self-service features, such as password reset and profile management, significantly reduce the support workload for the helpdesk.
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Access Management für Mitarbeitende mit UCS

Key Features of UCS: An Overview

UCS Portal
UCS Portal

Enjoy more convenience and security in your daily tasks! Take advantage of our user-friendly interface and benefit from single login access for all your on-premises and cloud services.

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UCS@school Self Service

Reduce manual effort and empower users to reset their own passwords and update their profile information.

Integrations UCS@school

Discover pre-configured and ready-to-use connectors and apps in our Univention App Center. These make integrating various services and applications into your IT environment especially convenient.

To the Univention App Center

Easily connect your IT services with our open interfaces. Import data from various user directories seamlessly and in a standardized way.

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AD - compatability final

Benefit from the perfect integration of UCS with your existing AD domains. Our comprehensive AD features, including synchronization mechanisms, make managing accounts, permissions, and objects a breeze.

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Manage your entire IT infrastructure and all servers centrally with our single point of administration using the Univention Management Console (UMC).

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Prices and Subscriptions

The price of the subscription to Univention Corporate Server (UCS) depends on the number of users managed via UCS. You can choose between two different levels of service to find the best solution for your requirements.

UCS Base

Support for installing UCS and apps from the App Center

Support via email

Function and version updates at any time without reinstallation (upgrade)

Up to 7 years maintenance for major releases

Upgrades freely plannable

25.00 €
/net per user and year ¹
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UCS Standard

Includes questions to all documented features of UCS

Support via telephone and email

Function and version updates possible at any time without reinstallation (Upgrade)

Up to 7 years maintenance for each major release

Upgrades freely plannable

Project consulting and support

from 30.00 €
/net per user and year ²
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¹ The minimum order quantity is 25 users. A repeat order must include at least 20 users.

² The price is valid for an order quantity of 1,000 users or more per year. Further price information is available on request from our sales team.

App Center Catalog

Discover our pre-configured and ready-to-use connectors.

Why Univention is the Right Choice

Technology and Innovation with Passion – By Your Side for Over 20 Years!
100% Open Source
Benefit from our Open Source technology that offers full transparency and flexibility. With rapid innovations, we deliver reliable solutions that provide real added value.
Reliable Service & Support
Our top-notch service and support are always by your side. We ensure that you can use our solutions smoothly and efficiently—we've got your back, every step of the way.
Your Future: Digital Sovereignty
With Univention, you gain digital sovereignty. Our vision is a world where people and organizations can freely use and shape IT as they see fit.

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