The eighth patch level release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0, UCS 5.0-8, is now available. This release includes all errata for bug fixes and security updates published since version 5.0-7, including updates for Docker, Python, PostgreSQL, and various Univention-specific packages.

UCS 5.0-8 can be updated via the “Software Update” module or downloaded from our download area.

New Logos

With the launch of Univention Nubus we introduced new Icons and Logos for Univention Prodicts. The corresponding components within UCS receive a visual update, clearly presenting their affiliation with Univention’s Identity & Access Management Nubus.

Neue Produktlogos

Diagnosis Module App Queues

Apps provisioned through the Univention Listener mechanism process incoming changes using a file-based queue. With the update to 5.0-8, it is now possible to monitor the current state of the app queue, if the App Center mechanism is used, to identify and diagnose potential processing errors via system diagnostics.

Further Package Updates

The new patch level release addresses a total of 33 security issues and 15 bugs and introduces 33 additional changes. These include, among other things, the extension of RADIUS authentication to recognize MAC addresses, the simplification of language selection in the web interface, and the improvement of search performance for computer objects.

Patch Level Releases Every Three Months

UCS 5.0-8 can be installed immediately, with UCS 5.0-7 receiving security updates for another 12 weeks. However, administrators of UCS 5.0-6 should update now as maintenance for this version has ended.

The next patch level release—UCS 5.0-9—is expected to be released in early to mid-September 2024.

More information can be found in our release notes and in our help article on installation.

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