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The sixth patch level release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0 is available with Univention Corporate Server 5.0-6. It contains all bug fixes and security updates released since version 5.0-5, including for PostgreSQL, Samba and a number of Univention’s own packages. Also included are various preparations for the upcoming UCS 5.2.

UCS 5.0-6 is available in the “Software Update” module and can be downloaded from our download area.

Increased Stability and Security

In the last three months we have released 47 security updates, most of them from the Debian base distribution. However, we have also fixed security-relevant errors in the Univention packages, e.g. password leaks via the process list. We have also further stabilized the Univention Management Console (UMC) when connecting to the individual UMC modules. We have improved the way the Univention Directory Manager (UDM) handles inconsistent user capitalization. Some data is now updated atomically by the portal, which avoids certain error patterns, and the self service now translates the forms correctly in all cases.

There have also been some improvements: UDM’s REST API now evaluates certain request headers when deleting objects and returns more useful responses in case of errors. A new feature is the ability to synchronize subdomains of an Active Directory Forest (AD Forest) with the Univention AD Connector.

Preparations for the Upcoming Minor Release UCS 5.2

We have been working hard on the next minor release of UCS for the past few months. A few days ago we released the first pre-release: UCS 5.2 Alpha. At the same time, we have already integrated some changes into UCS 5.0-6, which will make an update possible as soon as the final version of UCS 5.2 is available. For example, the SimpleSAMLphp packages have been prepared for removal and a script has been added to check the migration status from SimpleSAMLphp to Keycloak as identity provider. In addition, the logic in our LDAP replication has been adapted to support the new schema from OpenLDAP 2.5. The UMC Updater module will no longer show UCS 5.1 as a possible option, as UCS 5.1 is an “intermediate version” and you should be able to update directly to UCS 5.2.

Patch Level Releases Every Three Months

You can install UCS 5.0-6 now, although we will continue to provide security updates for UCS 5.0-5 for another 12 weeks. However, administrators of UCS 5.0-4 should update now at the latest, as we have discontinued maintenance for this release.

The next patch level release – UCS 5.0-7 – will be released in early to mid March 2024. This release will also focus on security updates and stability.

More information can also be found in our release notes and in our help article on installation.

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