Collabora and Univention have enjoyed a friendly relationship for many years, working closely on large projects such as openDesk, and sharing our time and expertise with each other at different events. We were delighted to host Univention CEO Peter Ganten as our keynote speaker for our annual conference in 2022, and have had the privilege of contributing to Univention summits for some time now.

Partnership at its best

We feel the integration of Collabora Online within the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) in particular, is an excellent example of a partnership of two companies committed to bringing you the best solutions possible. It is the first time we have bundled our product into an app store, and with this combination you can set up your document editing environment quickly, with everything you need out-of-the-box. This offers end users all the modern, collaborative document-editing functionality they expect, with the enhanced security, simplicity and flexibility of the UCS environment. Join us as we explore how these two companies are working together to bring you document freedom. Collabora Online and UCS – the document editing solution for you.

openDesk for Governments

“The ability to collaboratively edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in a browser is at the core of an alternative to Microsoft 365. Without Collabora that would not have been possible.” So said Peter Ganten when asked about the place of Collabora Online within openDesk. So what is so special about this project?


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The openDesk project exemplifies the powerful partnership between Collabora Online and Univention in freeing organisations from proprietary constraints. Derived from the UCS appliance, openDesk showcases our commitment to advancing digital sovereignty and innovation in the public sector. As part of this groundbreaking initiative led by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), Collabora Online’s expertise in open-source office productivity software was instrumental in shaping the digital workplace envisioned by openDesk.Unlocking Document Freedom with UCS and Collabora Online
With UCS providing a robust and secure infrastructure, Collabora Online delivered essential tools for efficient and secure document collaboration, empowering governments to take control of their data and reduce dependencies on proprietary software. In this way, Collabora Online and Univention are paving the way for a more open, transparent, and sustainable digital future for public administrations across Europe.

What’s coming to Collabora Online

Collabora Online is already a fully-operational, enterprise-ready document editor, for writing, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing, boasting excellent interoperability with Microsoft and other document editors. We don’t like to sit back and relax however, and there are a number of exciting new features being added with significant performance improvements coming your way, as well as a far more resource-efficient controller for deployments of over 100,000 users to manage their systems.

How to integrate Collabora Online into UCS

For more information about how to install the Univention Corporate Server (UCS), we suggest you follow the steps outlined in this video. After the installation and initial configuration of the UCS base system, installation of Collabora Online is very simple. There are two versions of Collabora Online that can be used in UCS – Collabora Online, and Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE).

CODE is the free version of Collabora Online, suitable for home users or testing environments. Collabora Online is the flagship product, with long-term support and security updates, suitable for corporate use, or use in other large deployments.
Within the univention app store, you will see Collabora Online has two pricing brackets, the standard pricing, or with a discount for educational institutions. For further information about pricing, or for volume discounts, you can contact Collabora Productivity directly.

Give it a go

What’s stopping you? Free yourself from proprietary constraints, and take control of your document editing environment, with UCS and Collabora Online. Find out more about Collabora Online here.

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