Kanban boards are excellent tools for maintaining to-do lists, organizing teamwork at school or with your co-workers, or planning a party as well as the next vacation. They help you to structure tasks, visualize projects, and carry them out more efficiently. Wekan is an Open Source Kanban board. It can help you to concentrate on certain tasks and activities, and keep an eye on your projects and approaching deadlines.

Managing Tasks with Wekan

Like other Kanban boards, Wekan works with cards, boards, lists, swimlanes, labels, templates, and archiving options. You can add colors to your cards that work as visual markers, drag and drop them to other lists or boards, and attach files. Wekan also offers collaborative editing options that makes your teamwork more transparent: add other members to boards and cards, and assign tasks to users with a few clicks.

Wekan and UCS

Wekan integrates well with UCS and makes use of its LDAP directory service. You can allow access to Wekan via the Univention Management Console (UMC) and enable individual users or all domain members. On top of that you can create specific administrator accounts in UMC that have the admin role in the Wekan web interface to manage other user accounts there.


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Source packages and contribution

UCS is a software appliance. The source packages contain the complete source code of the in-house developments and the software taken over by Debian GNU/Linux. The license is documented in the source packages.

You can find the source code of the in-house developments in a GIT Repository where also contribution to the further development of UCS is possible.

Further information

Free commercial use
Available for UCS versions:
6.09-ucs1 (UCS 5.0)

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