Open Source Applications for Collaborative Office Work

With UCS and the Univention App Center, we offer a genuine open source alternative to large manufacturer-dependent solutions designed to support working in the office.

From communication via e-mail, chat, voice-over-IP or video conferences, to calendar functions, to web-based, collaborative editing of documents in private clouds or planning of projects. In the Univention App Center you will find all solutions for an open source-based office workplace.

Depending on your own needs you can centrally integrate the appropriate solutions into your UCS environment and administer and manage the users’ identities and their access rights. The portal enables users to access all office applications via single sign-on easily.

Open Source Anwendungen für die Büroarbeit:

The Right Apps for Your Open Source Workplace

Open Source Office Alternative: Collaborative Document Editing

An essential part of working together in the office is the collaborative editing of documents and sharing files.

With the Collabora and ONLYOFFICE solutions, you will find the best-known open source solutions for collaborative work with documents in the Univention App Center. Both solutions support all primary document, spreadsheet, and presentation file formats. Thus, several users can work on a text or spreadsheet document simultaneously, with no data loss or time.

Open Source Arbeitsplatz für die Verwaltung: Mitarbeiter am Computer

Open Source Groupware: Mail, Calendar, Contacts

In the Univention App Center you will find several open source groupware solutions covering the classic functions for mail, calendar, address books and much more. For example, in addition to the OX App Suite with OX Drive, OX also offers the possibility to manage and synchronize documents, images, photos and files. With OX Guards you can encrypt your e-mails and files for secure transmission. EGroupware and Kopano also offer all the functions you need. Additionally they provide extended calendar functions and task management for an efficient work environment.

Filesharing with Nextcloud, ownCloud and Seafile

You can integrate the well-known open source solutions Nextcloud, ownCloud or Seafile into UCS from the Univention App Center for storing and sharing files. The solutions combine convenient usability with data protection and control functions. Thus keeping your sensitive data under control and retaining digital sovereignty.

Accessible communication with chat, video conferencing and Voice-over-IP

Fast direct communication is crucial for effective collaboration in the office. By using Rocket.Chat or Nextcloud Talk, you can set up an intuitive chat that works for direct coordination between two people and groups. With Jitsi you have an open source video conferencing tool that meets all data protection requirements and enables direct exchange between employees.

You can integrate the voice-over-IP solution Pascom into your corporate IT for communication via telephone so that your users conduct internal and external telephone calls and telephone conferences via telephone sets or web clients.

Teammeeting mit Open Source Meeting Tool für die Verwaltung

Project support needed?

Projektarbeit mit Open Source Office Anwendungen für die Verwaltung

Managing projects and knowledge for an efficient workflow

A sustainable transfer of knowledge and well-structured working across departments is essential for successful teamwork. With BlueSpice and XWiki you get an open source company wiki to make important information quickly accessible. The open source Kanban Board Wekan offers a precise organization of tasks in and between teams. Using maps and lists you can visualize topics and make progress and responsibilities visible.

OpenProject goes one step further and provides you with all the essential functions for project planning and coordination so that you organize your task packages more efficiently.

The integrated solution stack for your administration using Phoenix

Are you looking for a comprehensive, worry-free package that already includes all office applications ready for use? With our participation in the Phoenix project, we offer you a comprehensive solution stack for data protection-compliant and convenient office collaboration.

With Phoenix, you directly get your integrated open source office solution, including hosting, project consulting and support from the partner companies.

Feel free to contact us.


Our core and your basis: Centrally administrate all users and their rights of access

You can carry out the administration through the identity management system, conveniently maintained using the web-based Univention Management Console. That allows your administrators to centrally manage all users, add or delete user information, assign roles and permissions, and control access to office applications.

Thanks to the implementation of open standards and powerful interfaces, you also have the option of easily integrating existing user information and connecting other applications and specialized procedures that you use.

Benutzer Kachelansicht in UCS 5
Neue Portalansicht: Apps können nach Präferenz sortiert werden in UCS 5

Single sign-on and portal for easy access to applications

UCS offers its user portal with a single sign-on function for all end users. Users only have to log in once with their access data. They automatically receive access to all programs and services released for them – from anywhere and anytime. The self-service app allows users to edit their user accounts including resetting their passwords, which considerably reduces the workload in IT administration.

Numerous authorities already trust in UCS

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Logo Stadt Fulda

The council of the city of Fulda is responsible for the support and operation of IT for 23 schools with 13,000 students and 1,000 teachers.

  • Uniform identity management for the centrally organized school IT of the schools in Fulda, to which the existing Active Directory can be connected.
  • Controlling access rights for all students, teachers and school administrators of around 1,500 Windows PCs and notebooks and 850 thin clients
  • Automatic and encrypted data import including a user life cycle management from the school administration (LUSD)
  • Connection of further services to the central IDM such as Active Directory, fileservices, Self Service and Office 365.
  • UCS as the basis of identity management
  • UCS Active Directory connection for synchronization to the cross-school Active Directory.
  • UCS Active Directory compatible domain controller for file services on all clients.
  • UCS@school for central identity management and automated import.
  • UCS Microsoft Office 365 Connector for the connection to Office 365.
  • UCS Self-Service which enables students and teachers to reset their passwords independently.
Read the user report in the blog!

Public sector IT service provider for Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with around 3,500 employees at eight locations.

  • As part of the Phoenix project, Dataport will develop a web-based IT workstation for public administration and educational institutions as an alternative to proprietary solutions such as Microsoft 365. The workplace has to be Open Source software and offer all basic functions for working on the computer: e-mail, calendar, contacts, word processing, chat, video conferencing, collaborative working, and document storage and exchange. The conceptual design and implementation of the project will be supported by partners.
  • Together with a partner consortium consisting of the companies Bechtle GmbH, Capgemini and Frauenhofer, Univention won the tender of Dataport for support in the development of Phoenix. In the project, Univention is supplying the software for the identity management and the end user portal, and is providing consulting services for the technical conception and architecture issues as well as for the selection of Open Source solutions and their integration.
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz logo

A federal office with 750 employees, 9 locations and 950 workstations with conventional office software and specialist applications.

UCS incl. Samba 4.

  • Easy administration and great flexibility at the same time
  • Consistent adminsitration of decentralised it infrastructures
  • Georedundancy and high availability of all services
  • Comprehensive support of all Microsoft Windows workstations and specialist applications
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Landkreis Friesland - Logo
Landtag Brandenburg - Logo
Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband Logo

The Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband with about 820 employees is responsible for the drinking water supply and wastewater disposal for 20 cities, 56 municipalities and 9 districts in an area of 7.832 km², which extends from the East Frisian islands to the district of Vechta in Lower Saxony.

  • Development of a central identity management for all locations of the water board
  • Simple administration of the Windows and other systems based workstations and clients of the employees at the various branches
  • Connection of further IT services such as an e-mail system to the central IT management
  • Domain administration based on Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
  • Central management of all users and part of the IT services via the Univention Management Console (UMC)
  • Login of employees with one password and user name at various services
  • Use of Samba 4, DNS and DHCP functionalities
  • Connection of Citrix via the UCS Active Directory Connector to the UCS IDM
  • Connection of the Groupware Open-Xchange to the IDM of UCS
  • Simple provision of various services for employees via the browser-based Univention portal
  • Connection of the Citrix environment via synchronization of LDAP via the UCS AD Connector as well as the use of the network services DNS and DHCP and the integration of Samba 4
Stadt Völklingen Logo
Landesrechnungshof Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The State Audit Office of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, based in Schwerin, is the authority responsible for monitoring the budgetary and economic management of the state as well as the budgetary and economic management of the municipal corporations. The IT department of the State Audit Office of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the IT applications for its 90 employees.

  • Replacement of the Suse Linux Enterprise Server
  • Central user management
  • Uniform authentication of employees on Linux services and specialized procedures
  • Stable operation and professional support
  • Univention Corporate Server for central user management and authentication
  • Connection of the IT services to the Identity Management of UCS
  • Use of the Univention Corporate Server as central DNS server
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