OX Guard is a fully integrated security add-on to OX App Suite that provides end users with a flexible email and file encryption solution. OX Guard is a highly scalable, multi server, feature rich solution that is so simple-to-use that end users will actually use it. With a single click a user can take control of their security and send secure emails and share encrypted files. This can be done from any device to both OX App Suite and non-OX App Suite users. The browser-based reader for non-OX App Suite users is also perfect for advertising and viral user acquisition. Note: OX Guard needs a installed OX App Suite v7.10.2.


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Download UCS and activate OX Guard directly from the App Center.

Further information

Free commercial use
Available for UCS versions:
5.0, 4.4
2.10.6-ucs2 (UCS 5.0)