Kopano WebApp

Kopano WebApp

Kopano is more than just a groupware. Its basic functions are expanded with new components that complement your everyday business communication in a natural way.

What do you get with this app?

This app contains the Kopano WebApp, which allows users to easily manage their daily communication and organization tasks, from e-mail, calendar entry, file management, and video calling. The WebApp can be extended with plugins and can be used with different, also customizable themes.

To install Kopano WebApp, the Kopano Core app must already be installed on one or more servers. The Kopano WebApp does not necessarily have to be installed on the same machine. It can also be installed at the same time for load distribution or optimized data communication on several servers. This app is also needed if the Kopano DeskApp is to be used.

Which Edition of Kopano do the apps provide?

Kopano is evolving very fast and delivers updates on a regular basis. While owners of a valid subscription receive these updates via our repositories, users of the Univention app are bound to the packages included in the app (the free app is otherwise not limited in the amount of users or features available). We do our best to update our apps once every 6 to 9 months.

In addition to this owners of a valid subscriptions are able to get in direct contact with our support.

Do you like Kopano? By buying a subscription you do not just benefit from updates and support. You are also supporting us to work on cool new features and ideas. Clicking the little "buy Kopano"-button helps the projects to grow!

Why is Kopano your new Communication & Sharing solution?

  • ... because you access your data with a lean, platform-independent DeskApp from Windows, Mac as well as Linux desktops.
  • ... because you can use a WebApp with almost all desktop browsers, which looks just like the DeskApp.
  • ... because you are using devices such as smartphones, tablets or even Windows devices with Outlook (starting with version 2013) to connect via Z-Push (Open Source ActiveSync).
  • ... because there are many other reasons. Try it out!

Whether we made Kopano for you?

Yes. If you are an organization or group of any kind or size that communicates with each other in the same room, Kopano is made for you!

Kopano's modular architecture, coupled with easy management through the web-based UCS management system, makes it the ideal groupware solution for two, three, five or 50,000 subscribers. The management of the server, supported by the integration developed specifically for Univention Corporate Server (UCS), is entirely managed by UCS's user management and the UCS management system. A look at the Linux console is no longer necessary for everyday work.

Complementary Apps

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    Kopano b.v.
    Kopano Sharing & Communication Software for Professionals
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Further information

Free commercial use. Some functions or services are liable to costs.
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