m23 simplifies the roll out and management of your Linux clients. It does not matter if you want to administrate only a few clients or manage an entire computer park with desktops or servers.

m23 gives you the tools to install and manage Linux clients with Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora and CentOS. Choose from many auto-configured desktop environments and thousands of software packages.

m23 does hardware detection, partitioning and formatting via network, then installs (bare-metal) a Linux operating system on the client. Existing clients with Debian, Ubuntu or LinuxMint OS can be integrated into m23 and administrated like clients that were installed by m23. Installed client can then be updated, recovered, software can be installed and uninstalled via the m23 webinterface. Many clients can be installed at once (mass installation), clients can be grouped to perform certain tasks on all of them. The server can be back-upped. Scripts and software packages (for installation on the clients) are created directly from the m23 webinterface.

Commercial support

Commercial support is available (for Germany only) from goos-habermann.de.


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Further information

Free commercial use
Available for UCS versions:
5.0, 4.4
24.1-50 (UCS 5.0)