Apple School Manager Connector

With the app Apple School Manager Connector for UCS@school, you automatically provision users to Apple School Manager (ASM). The UCS@school Identity Management (IDM) assumes the role of a student information system (SIS) and uses the SFTP interface provided by Apple. The Connector requires an Apple School Manager account for an educational institution.

Synchronization of all user data from IDM to ASM

In its standard configuration, the Connector synchronizes all user accounts of the activated schools to the ASM every night. Schools, classes, work groups and users (teachers and students) are synchronized.

If users are deleted in the IDM of UCS, they are immediately deactivated in the Apple School Manager and then deleted after 30 days.

Apple IDs, Passwords and Device Management

The Apple IDs are generated automatically and consist of username@mail.domain by default. The Apple ID passwords are managed autonomously in the Apple School Manager.

For device management, Univention recommends Mobile Device Management (MDM). Every MDM can be used as long as it has an API to the ASM. Univention recommends using an MDM solution from the Univention App Center, as these are subject to constant maintenance by the manufacturers and are integrated into UCS@school and its Identity Management.

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