Our culture, our corporate values

At Univention, we firmly believe that our corporate vision of “Digital Sovereignty for the World” can only become a reality if we all pull together and support each other. Therefore, we have developed 5 core values for ourselves, which serve as the basis of our daily work: Openness, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Development. Here you can find out how we fill these values with life every day and use them as a basis for successful cooperation.

The standards we set for our products also apply to ourselves. That’s why we live an open and mutual culture of feedback that helps everyone developing both personally and professionally.

We exchange ideas, regularly look beyond our department, and are grateful when gaining new insights. Because this is the only way that we can fully develop our potential, successfully advance projects, and put our vision into practice.

Foto Jan-Luca - interne IT - Univention

I especially like that we live by our motto: “be open.” and deal with each other openly and transparently. Moreover, everyone has an open ear for others, and we take the time to support each other.


IT System Engineer

Senior HR Managerin Carina

At Univention, we present ourselves as we are. That means that we do not keep our opinions to ourselves but say what we think. Goals and processes are also made transparent for everyone – the same applies when they change. For me, this is something really special. I experience this honest and open way of dealing with each other as a form of freedom that allows us to work together light-heartedly and thus very efficiently.


Senior HR Manager

We believe that integrity creates the basis for a trusting relationship in every sense. We say what we think and make sure that our words and actions match and are in line with our core values. We can rely on each other just as our customers rely on Univention because we communicate our goals openly and stand by our decisions.

If we disagree with the decisions of others, we approach our colleagues and openly express our concerns. We trust in the principle of “Disagree & Commit” – even if we do not agree with every decision, we ultimately support it and trust in the competence of the others.

From the working student to the CEO – at Univention, we meet at eye level, listen to each other, and treat our colleagues, customers, and partners the way we treat ourselves.

It is important to us that we support each other in challenging situations and find a solution together. An elbow mentality or finger-pointing is clearly out of place here – because this is the only way we can ensure that we achieve more together.

IT-Projektleiter Arjen: Sein Arbeitsalltag bei Univention

Univention is not a typical company with hierarchical structures. Here at our company, an IT project manager, for example, is part of a team in which we work together as equals. We communicate openly and work together to get projects off the ground successfully.


IT Projectmanager

IT System Engineer Oliver: Sein Arbeitsalltag bei Univention

You always learn something new here and see the practical use of a powerful combination of several open-source components (=UCS). Between systems and scripts, I always see the people behind them. And I am happy to support them in their challenges.


IT System Engineer

We bear responsibility – both for our clients and for our team. Each of us needs to lead the projects for which we are responsible to succeed. We bring in our ideas and stand by our mistakes. We want to make a difference and enjoy achieving great things together in a great team.

For this to succeed, we aspire to give all employees the necessary resources to make decisions independently and to identify potential for improvement in the future. That is the only way every one of us can grow with our tasks and actively help to shape Univention’s corporate success.

Digitalization does not stand still, and neither do we. We are constantly evolving, trying out new things, and stay curious.

Every day we work to create an environment where we can question the status quo, develop innovative ideas, and try out new approaches in our projects. For this to succeeds, we accompany the professional and personal development of all colleagues. That includes regular feedback meetings from the very beginning and further training opportunities. We share our knowledge in various formats, provide insights into our projects and tools, and thus, ensure that everyone has the necessary tools for independent and successful work.

Foto Stefanie - Consultant - Univention

Through my career change, I have acquired a lot of technical knowledge. I particularly appreciate that. I have always been interested in IT, and through my work, at Univention I now learn something new every day.


Open Source Software Consultant

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