The audriga Groupware Migration Service allows migrating emails, contacts and calendar items from other servers or hosting offerings to UCS. This application will install a link to the Migration Service platform, where the migration can be configured and started. The service connects via standard protocols (IMAP, EWS, CardDAV, CalDAV), which have to be accessible via the Internet. All commonly used IMAP servers are supported. Contacts and calendar items are only supported for MS Exchange, Open-Xchange and Kolab in self-service. For other platforms, please contact audriga.


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Source packages and contribution

UCS is a software appliance. The source packages contain the complete source code of the in-house developments and the software taken over by Debian GNU/Linux. The license is documented in the source packages.

You can find the source code of the in-house developments in a GIT Repository where also contribution to the further development of UCS is possible.

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Further information

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Available for UCS versions:
5.0, 4.4