UCS@school extends the scope of functions of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) by an identity and access management that is optimized for the educational sector including import interfaces for teacher and pupil accounts from the school administration. UCS@school offers schools and educational institutions a platform for the central and efficient provision of IT and its inherent service and support processes to any number of schools.

In addition, UCS@school delivers educational steering functions for IT-supported lessons. The graphical user interface is very intuitive so that teachers can easily manage and control the use of IT in their classes. They can, for example, distribute study materials to pupils and collect them later, organize save class exams in computer rooms and restrict, if they need to, the access to PCs and the Internet. The access to printers can also be administrated and passwords of the pupils can be reset easily if necessary.

UCS@school can be adjusted to individual application scenarios via a large number of extensions from the App Center.

The most important advantages for educational institutions and schools at a glance:

  • Easy integration of cloud-based services
  • Adaptability, transparency, and vendor independence through 100% Open Source software
  • Central user and rights management with pre-configured role concept and access rights for pupils, teachers, and school administrators.
  • Discharge from administrative tasks such as the creation and deletion of pupil accounts.
  • Connection of teachers' and pupils' mobile end devices to the school network
  • Web-based and clear dashboard to manage and control lessons
  • Distribution and collection of digitized study materials
  • Defined rights concepts, for example, as to modes for class tests or as to access to printers and the Internet
  • Self services such as resetting passwords
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