Server Operation and Management

Your employees expect reliable server services – from trouble-free log in, data storage, email and calendar to internet access and printing. You need a stable, scalable server operating system for this, to easily and comfortably manage servers and users with as much automation as possible and quickly integrate new functions, regardless of whether these are operating in your local computer center or in the cloud.

Serverbetrieb und -management mit Univention Corporate Server

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UCS – the Economic and Efficient Open Source Platform

UCS brings together all the functions that are important for operating and managing professional IT environments, focusing on a central administration concept. Important functions for operating professional IT environments are already integrated, such as network and mail servers and services for authentication, backup, network installation and software distribution. Additional functions and third-party applications can be easily installed later using the integrated app center. With standardized interfaces, ready-to-use connectors and complete Open Source licensing, UCS fits into existing – even complex – IT environments and can be easily and flexibly expanded. With its extensive Active Directory-compatible domain management, UCS is a fully-fledged alternative to Microsoft server solutions, yet with additional features.

Advantages of Server Operation with UCS

  • More cost-effective than most server solutions
  • Easy infrastructure expansion using Univention’s integrated app center
  • A complete Open Source solution: Security, flexibility, stability, open standards
  • Simple parallel operation of Microsoft and Linux servers using an administration interface
  • Central management and administration of all important services, whether they are stored in your own data center or in the cloud
  • Selective replication of critical information at different sites
  • Efficient server virtualization
  • Ongoing maintenance, product updates and support from Univention

Server Management with Univention Corporate Server Offers You:

  • Reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness
  • Simple operation and administration of servers even at several sites
  • Centrally-managed user and rights management (domain management)
  • Simple and flexible integration into existing environments
  • High degree of scalability
  • Ideal for on-premises, cloud or hybrid infrastructures
  • Integration of Microsoft Windows servers, even as the domain controller
  • Data security and data sovereignty through the restriction of site-relevant configuration data

Central Infrastructure Management

Univention Corporate Server’s central web-based management system minimizes server operation complexity and effort. This allows you to easily manage all the systems within a UCS domain, regardless of whether they are spread over one or several sites. New servers and clients can be integrated with just a few clicks and provided with the necessary roles and services. Even systems from other manufacturers, e.g. Microsoft, can be easily integrated.

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