At Univention, we provide open source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures and for the management of digital identities. Our headquarter is in Germany and we have a subsidiary in Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA.
With Univention Corporate Server (UCS) we have developed an overall solution for the administration of IT infrastructures, applications, resources and users. UCS also allows you to integrate additional applications through interfaces or via the Univention App Center and they can be made available via a web portal using Single Sign-On. Building on UCS, we offer UCS@school, a platform optimized for the education sector, which provides a central administration service and the provision of IT services such as mail, cloud, office applications and many more for schools, school authorities and federal states.
Our many years of expert knowledge, our international network of certified system house and technology partners as well as the openness of our systems have made UCS the IT platform that is used by thousands of companies, administrative institutions and private users worldwide.

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Our Goal: Making IT Easy to Operate and Supervise

We enable enterprises, government agencies and the education sector to keep their data, applications and IT systems under their own control, to use them easily and to combine and further develop them according to their specific requirements.

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Our Mission: Digital Sovereignty

We want that competition, innovation and self-determination in digitisation will continue to exist in the future. That is why we have developed solutions with UCS and UCS@school that allow you to use exactly the IT you need in your organization and at home, exactly the way you want it. We thus create alternatives to stiff, manufacturer-bound and closed systems. This is our understanding of IT now and in the future.


Our Standards: Quality and Openness

Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards, to be easy to use, to be open and customizable. Therefore, all our solutions are 100% Open Source, extensively tested and published under a GNU AGPLv3 license and can thus be adapted and further developed by you according to your wishes.

Our Concern: Your Profitability

In addition to quality and openness, calculable costs are a factor of success for your organisation. For this reason, in addition to the free UCS Core Edition, we offer you various enterprise subscriptions with a transparent and scalable pricing model which you can adapt according to your needs.

Our Service: Professional Services and Support

In addition to providing and maintaining our solutions, we offer customers and partners comprehensive support in the preparation, implementation and maintenance of their IT infrastructures. Our professional 24×7 support and our highly qualified Professional Service Team, which is trained in numerous projects, is your contact partner for the implementation of projects and the solution of problems.


Our Corporate Philosophy: Open, Curious and Always at Eye Level

Also internally we value transparency and a high standard of quality. This is why an open corporate culture, a respectful exchange at eye level, constant willingness and opportunity for development, curiosity and above all a lot of fun at work are essential for our team.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +49 421 22232-20 oder or using our contact form.

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