Univention is a leading supplier of Open Source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures.

The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative to server solutions from Microsoft. UCS includes comprehensive Active Directory functions and an App Center to integrate and operate enterprise applications.

UCS allows web-based IT management and is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a classic server solution, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments. UCS is designed to operate as part of existing Microsoft infrastructures and supports the easy replacement of Microsoft Windows domains.

With Univention Corporate Client (UCC), which is based on UCS, Univention provides a management solution for Ubuntu and with UCS@school a complete system for the operation and management of IT in schools. Univention has a worldwide partner network and subsidiaries in Europe and North America.

Our passion: Open Source.

Our strength lies in combining and expanding intensively tested Open Source software to create one highly functional unit: the identification of customer benefits in existing systems; the expansion according to requirements and the assurance of a quality and responsibility standard for the entire product portfolio. Openness allows the adaption of all modules and systems and because we are convinced that good software only works when there are no secrets, all of our source codes are published in turn under Open Source licenses.

Individual Open Source solutions can seldom be conquered without considerable administrative efforts. Our concept fills this gap: integrated complete solutions, intuitive administration software, quality assurance to the highest degree and competent support form the basis of our business model.

What does that mean to you? Cost-efficiency and independence for the flexible and secure future of IT in your company.

Our mission: independence.

Linux and other Open Source systems are not merely symbolic of freedom, but they are also a synonym for modular scalability. We provide you with breathing space. Independence from expensive system solutions without commensurate advantages and no worries. Sustainability is our command: our systems are expanded regularly, adapted to suit your needs and grow with your requirements. Cumbersome systems and inflexible solutions are things of the past.

Independence paired with availability. That is Open Source software with potential.

We create alternatives to rigid, manufacturer-orientated systems. No ties to proprietary equipment and software and still the advantages of standardised client/server solutions. That is how we see the IT of the future.

Our strategy: cost-efficiency.

Stability and flexibility form the foundations for corporate success. To guarantee system availability and variability the assurance of a quality standard, the freedom of choice when it comes to systems and the integration of customer-specific modules are given particular attention.

For you, this means absolute control over costs and financial security.

Our expert knowledge and cooperation with certified partners and suppliers operating throughout Europe allows us to react quickly and guarantees safe, solution-orientated operation, particularly in heterogenous IT environments. Our understanding of the market has boosted us to the most important provider of Linux distributions for use in companies and authorities in the German-speaking world – put your trust in our competence.

Our history

The impetus for the establishment of Univention GmbH by Peter H. Ganten in early 2002 was the distinct lack of a universal, consistent and conclusively designed Linux complete solution. Together with customers who were also seeking such solutions, Univention developed UCS (Univention Corporate Server).

UCS is the Linux corporate solution for the simple and centrally controlled operation of your IT environment.

UCS was ready for launch on the market in early 2004. Alongside the continuous further development of this software and the development of the products based on it, Univention also built up an extensive network of customers and partners in the following years. Today integrated desktop and groupware systems are further important highlights in our product portfolio.

Our competences and references

Univention’s staff has a wealth of experience in the fields of:

  • Implementation of Open Source infrastructure and Linux operating systems,
  • Identity and infrastructure management,
  • Linux desktop and thin client computing,
  • Open Source virtualization,
  • Windows/Linux migration and
  • Windows/Linux integration.

In addition to the provision and maintenance of Open Source infrastructure products such as Univention Corporate Server, Univention also offers customers and partners essential support with every aspect of the products. Above all, this includes comprehensive support and service level offers, training sessions and professional services with which the company supports users and partners through every stage of product integration starting with the evaluation.

Get an impression of the performance of our product and our work at references with numerous user reports.

Our partners: the Univention network.

Univention offers its customers a steadily growing network of certified and closely cooperating partners through the German-speaking world and further afield.
Our partners are what makes Univention strong: together we offer our customers ready-to-use complete solutions, concepts, hardware, software and on-site services.

Would you like any further information? Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +49 (0)421 22232-20 or using our contact form.

Discover the potential of Open Source software.