Benno MailArchiv

Benno MailArchiv is the open and flexible solution for revision proof E-mail archiving. Benno MailArchiv allows you to signifcantly reduce the costs for taking and searching for E-mails in your enterprise. E-mails are archived automatically, securely and reliably. All textual content of E-mails (including attachements!) is extracted on the fly and added to the search index. Any archivied E-mail is searchable based on the fulltext search index (e.g. message body, sender address, recipient addresses, subject line, mail headers, and the attachements of course). Benno MailArchiv supports approx. 1.300 different file formats for attachements. (ZIP files are extracted for file baxed indexing). With the highly flexible search functionality of the WebApp, any E-mail can be found just in seconds. Benno's functionality can be added to 3rd party applications via the SOA http-interface (web service interface). Benno MailArchiv can be integrated into any business process that way.

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