itslearning is Europes leading provider for Learning Management Systems in K-12

Founded 1999 in Norway, itslearning is a global player in EdTech and offers a ready-to-use Learning Management System (LMS), tailored to the needs of todays changing schools. Educational professionals use itslearning to deliver curriculum and content with the aim to increase the quality of instruction.

Change Management

itslearning allows to organize and communicate within a school - but also above a single school it allows communication between schools, locally or globally. External partners like parents, school development, teacher training colleges, universities or other partners can start to collaborate easily. Authorities use itslearning to provide equal access within their organization and to give each school a maximum of individuality at the same time.

Education - anywhere and from any device!

The core task of the learn-centered LMS is to support the full circle of learning:

  • Plan:The planner is the tool used by teacher staff for developing their curriculum. Connect standards with lesson content and activities (such as tests, assignments or quizzes).

  • Activate: Collaborate in a team, design lessons with the highest degree of student autonomy and participation and integrate your own or external media or sources (e.g. YouTube, Sofatutor, etc.).

  • Teaching: Always keep track of your lesson plans and use the quality time in the classroom to better help individual students or groups. Using tools such as tasks and discussion forums to achieve the best learning result for each student.

  • Assessing: Tools such as tests, tasks, peer assessment etc. can be linked to different evaluation systems, from achieved/not achieved to numerical scores or rubrics based on your curriculum strategy.

  • Reflection: Numerous feedback functionality between student-teacher, student-student as well as teacher-teacher help in classes or in interdisciplinary cooperation to increase class and school quality.

  • Reporting: Reporting tools help you to be transparent, supportive and organised towards your students - and helps students to better assess and improve their own learning.

Please visit the itslearning website for more info.

itslearning LMS Connector

The itslearning LMS Connector receives user account data (students, teachers, staff) and group information (classes and work groups) from the UCS directory service and processes these on the UCS system. For user provisioning, a XML file containing username, birth date, name, lastname and group is sent via SFTP to itslearning. The app also creates a single sign-on via SAML-protocol, where no user password is sent to itslearning.

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