Increase Your Logon Security!

Increase your security by adding a second factor to the login at the Univention Corporate Server (UCS). This way you prevent rogue access to your network and your data. At the same time you can create an audit of the allowed access events and stop simple password sharing between employees.

With the privacyIDEA Authentication System you can cope with any of your workflows - how complex it may be. Ranging from a few to hundreds of thousands of users.

How this App Works

This app adds a plugin to the UCS Single Sign-On Identity Provider (IdP). It communicates with the privacyIDEA Server in your network, which you can run on any other Linux distribution. The login still happens on the UCS IdP, but credentials are passed to the privacyIDEA Server via a lean REST API.

The privacyIDEA SAML plugin can either add a second factor to the Login at the UCS IdP or completely replace both factors on the UCS IdP.

This app requires a running privacyIDEA Authentication System in your network!

Your Own Central Multi-Factor-Authentication System

The privacyIDEA Authentication System runs on-premises on any Linux distribution. Easy installation is possible on Ubuntu LTS systems.

About privacyIDEA 

privacyIDEA is a modern authentication system for two factor or multi factor authentication. It supports HOTP and TOTP tokens, U2F, FIDO2, Yubikeys, smartphone apps, push authentication and a lot more. It has powerful policy settings and a unique event handler framework, that allows to integrate privacyIDEA into any workflow.


privacyIDEA Authentication System is Open Source. However, there is an Enterprise Edition, that comes with an appliance tool and further stable packages, e.g. for CentOS or RHEL. You get a Service Level Agreement with support for your mission critical installation.


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Download UCS

Download UCS and activate privacyIDEA SAML directly from the App Center.

Further information

Free commercial use
Available for UCS versions:
5.0, 4.4
3.0.0 (UCS 5.0)