The OX Provisioning App synchronizes selected users and groups to a remote OX installation via OX' SOAP API

In order to use the App, you need a remote Open-Xchange groupware installation. Typically, this remote server is not a UCS system as the Open-Xchange version in the App Center does not work well with this App: It brings its own integration that may interfere with the one of the Provisioning App. If you seek for a out-of-the-box integration for OX, you may want to just install the corresponding App from the App Center and not install this App.

There are two prerequisites for this App to work: The remote OX installation needs to allow access to /webservices and you probably want to make sure that HTTPS connections from the App's container (it is a Docker based App) to the remote OX system works, i.e. you need a valid SSL certificate.

That set up, the OX Provisioning App manages users, groups, resources (conference rooms, etc.) and contexts. UCS' Identity management should be considered the leading IDM system.

For documentation, see OX Connector app documentation.

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