This app installs a REST API to manage UCS@school objects. For example schools, roles, classes and users can be queried, modified and deleted.

It is a docker app, which in the background use the „UDM REST API“.

This UCS@school Kelvin REST API can be used to address the directory service via network interface. For example from a student information system or from other educational services.

The target group for addressing the API are developers. The app can be used by any service that can work with REST APIs (e.g. an educational service).

After installation of the app a README is available at:
The end point at
The authentication at the API is done via dynamically generated bearer tokens. For more information and documentation, refer to the UCS@school developer documentation or visit

The API itself is included in the UCS@school support.

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Download UCS and activate UCS@school Kelvin REST API directly from the App Center.

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Available for UCS versions:
5.0, 4.4