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UCS is an open-source software solution for identity- and rights management, utilizing open interfaces to ensure high compatibility with services such as Microsoft Active Directory. IT applications and services such as communication and collaboration tools for office work and specialized applications – can be integrated into UCS. Users then have access to these via the online portal. UCS can be scaled up to serve millions of users, is 100% open source software and can be operated in your own data center or via a cloud hosting provider. UCS is the basis for your organization to acheive digital sovereignty by empowering you with control over your data, clear transparent processes and the freedom to choose your own solutions and providers.

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Optimized for the educational sector – UCS@school

UCS@school supplements UCS with important functions optimized for educational institutions such as importing user data from state directory services and pedagogic functions for use in class. Schools are relieved of administrative tasks, support is organized efficiently, and educational services are standardized and furnished professionally.

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Referenzen von Univention im Öffentlichen Sektor

Used by states, educational institutions and public authorities

District and state administrations, such as the Brandenburg state parliament, the Federal Constitutional Court, and city and town authorities use UCS to manage their IT infrastructure and users.
The states Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and a multitude of districts, cities and counties, such as Cologne, Hanover, and the district of Kassel use UCS@school as a central directory service for students and teachers, offering educational services such as email, video conference tools and learning management systems via school portals.


A working environment for communication and collaboration in the office

A multitude of tools can be downloaded from the Univention App Center and linked into UCS, ranging from document editing, email, direct communication like chat, voice over IP and video conferencing, to communication for editing and sharing documents. In this way, public authorities and educational establishments create an efficient and economical open-source workstation for their staff, fulfilling all the requirements of digital sovereignty and freeing them from dependency on proprietary solutions.

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dPhoenix Suite

Univention and our partners Dataport, Bechtle AG, Capgemini and the Frauenhofer Institute, are designing and developing an integrated solution stack for office work: the dPhoenix Suite project. This will offer all the functions required for editing documents, communication and collaboration as an open-source solution. It will also include hosting, project consulting, and support from partners.


Professional project support

Realizing large digitalization projects in heterogeneous IT environments which have been built up over time requires a high degree of project management competence, IT knowledge and human resources. Our Professional Services Team has the necessary experience, having carried out dozens of such projects successfully, and comprehensively supports your IT department in realizing complex projects.

Professional Services

Our references

Logo Bremen

The Bremen Senator for Children and Education takes care of the IT for 142 schools in the city state with approx. 80,000 IT users (pupils, teachers and school staff) and 10,500 client systems.

  • Centralised administration of educational IT infrastructures of the schools in the city.
  • Cross-school, centralised provision of IT services such as e-mail, Internet, Intranet and the integration of different end devices such as the pupils’ smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy-to-use software solution for teachers for controlling IT and the pupils’ computers in the classrooms.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with Samba 4 and UCS@school 4.3 (August 2018)

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Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Logo der Stadt Chemnitz

The SyS-C team of the city of Chemnitz maintains the IT of 80 schools in Chemnitz with about 30,000 users and about 5,000 end devices. Besides Microsoft Windows, also Linux operating systems are installed on these devices.

Univention corporate Server (UCS) with integrated Samba 4 and UCS@school as well as the software distribution tool opsi by uib GmbH.

  • Active Directory compatible domain services for group policies and domain integration of new Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Deployment of an open source solution if possible
  • Co-existence of Windows and Linux operating systems in schools via a uniform user directory
  • Central software distribution with depot server function at the schools
  • Graphic interfaces for computer room management
  • Easy extension of the solution with central IT services for mobile end devices such as tablets, e.g., data exchange services
  • Fully automated user management
Logo Basel Stadt

Educational center PZ.BS, ICT Medien
Maintaining 60 school sites with 25,000 pupils and 2,500 teachers and about 3,000 PCs and notebooks.

Since 2010 UCS@school is used on 13 servers and 13 further, connected virtualized UCS servers as the central identity and access management system for the provision of file sharing, groupware services and virtual desktops based on Citrix.

  • Central solution for the about 60 school sites with minimal overhead for the schools themselves
  • Connection to Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection
  • Extensive interface for the complete and automatic import of accounts from pupils and teachers
  • Single sign-on and site-independent access to services via the Internet
  • Integration of further services such as LDAP, mail and web mail, eduBS-Cloud (ownCloud), Plone (eduBS-education server), school websites), eduBS-ILIAS, SoLe
  • Connection of Windows Active Directory via Univention AD Connection for the provision of virtual desktops based on Citrix.
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The objective of a pilot project of the city of Hanover, encompassing six schools and 5,500 users, is to create modernized IT groundworks and infrastructure for the digitization of Hanover’s education system. The pilot project, which is scheduled to run until 2018, works on implementing a centralized IT infrastructure management, among other things.

  • Centralization of IT administration for the school authority
  • A central access, role, and authorization management for the digital identities of students and teachers (user administration) adapted to the requirements of schools
  • Import mechanism for users for automatic administration of users, schools, and classes
  • Integration of the Webweaver learning platform and the Apple School Manager to the central user administration
  • Integration of Microsoft Active Directory into the user administration system
  • Central web portal for access to web services
  • Self-service functions (e.g., password reset) via the web portal

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with UCS@school provides central access and authorization management for the affiliated schools and web services. Since March 2020, 50 schools in the city with approximately 50,000 users have been in the system. Automatic import mechanisms ensure that the data of users, schools, and classes are synchronized so that all services connected to UCS@school always have the latest user information available. Users can log in to the services themselves with the same access data. The Active Directory connection is made by the AD Connector contained in UCS@school.

In addition, with UCS@school, Hannover provides a web portal with password self-service, through which all users can easily access digital education services.

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City of Aachen, 37 primary schools, about 7,500 pupils as users, 11,800 workplaces in education and administration

  • Standardization of the IT infrastructures
  • Efficient operation with minimal efforts on-site at the schools
  • Educational functions for teachers
  • Virtualization of all servers

UCS@school as the central identity and access management system combined with virtualized UCS@school school servers in the data center. Windows clients in those schools with a stable connection to the data center. The city of Aachen is supported by our partner regio it.

Logo Stadt Beckum

The city of Beckum has a total of nine schools: six primary schools and three secondary schools. Two employees take care of the network infrastructure, the telephone systems, the servers and NAS systems as well as the end devices (including mobile device management). There are about 5,200 accounts (4,500 pupils and about 650 teachers).

  • Central identity management for the administration of around 5,200 accounts
  • Connection of nine schools
  • Externally hosted server with fast Internet connection and support from the service provider
  • Modular and expandable system
  • Problem-free integration of existing Apple devices (incl. MDM)
  • Data protection-compliant integration of MS Office 365
  • Optional integration of a learning management system and a timetable
  • UCS@school operated in the NetCologne data center with central administration of all user accounts
  • Connection to Nextcloud, Open-Xchange and Rocket.Chat, MS Teams for audio and video conferences
  • Optional extension with an LMS and timetable management.
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Stadt Köln Logo

The School and Pre-Kindergarten IT Services department at the Data Processing Office in Cologne provides services for 261 schools with around 10,000 faculty members and 135,000 students in total with the support of NetCologne.

A UCS-based identity management system managed centrally by the education authority with integration of the groupware Open-Xchange, the mobile device management software Jamf, the learning platform Moodle, and Office 365 via single sign-on

  • Consultancy services, supply and strategic further development of the IT infrastructure in schools
  • Commissioning, responsible operation, and support of the IT infrastructure
  • Standardization and quality optimization
  • User maintenance from the school administration software SchiLDZentral via LDAP
  • Automated software distribution
  • (Centralized) administration of entire IT infrastructure, for example:
  • Different server environments in the schools
  • Centrally provided services
  • Support of bring-your-own-device models
  • Operation of around 5,500 tablets financed by the education authority
  • Provision of a student and teacher mail solution
  • Learning management system, web spaces, and cloud services
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Logo Stadt Fulda

The council of the city of Fulda is responsible for the support and operation of IT for 23 schools with 13,000 students and 1,000 teachers.

  • Uniform identity management for the centrally organized school IT of the schools in Fulda, to which the existing Active Directory can be connected.
  • Controlling access rights for all students, teachers and school administrators of around 1,500 Windows PCs and notebooks and 850 thin clients
  • Automatic and encrypted data import including a user life cycle management from the school administration (LUSD)
  • Connection of further services to the central IDM such as Active Directory, fileservices, Self Service and Office 365.
  • UCS as the basis of identity management
  • UCS Active Directory connection for synchronization to the cross-school Active Directory.
  • UCS Active Directory compatible domain controller for file services on all clients.
  • UCS@school for central identity management and automated import.
  • UCS Microsoft Office 365 Connector for the connection to Office 365.
  • UCS Self-Service which enables students and teachers to reset their passwords independently.
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Logo Neumuenster

The IT department of Neumünster’s city administration is responsible for the IT infrastructure and IT services for 22 general education schools and three vocational schools in that city. These schools include around 1,100 teachers and 15,000 students.

  • Discharge of schools through central provision of school IT by the school authorities
  • Operation in the data center of the municipal IT department
  • Provision of uniform IT services that are easy to maintain and support via the municipal intranet
  • Preferred use of Open Source solutions
  • UCS@school as identity management with digital identities for all students and teachers
  • RADIUS server for authentication of all users of the school WLAN
  • Use of web content filters, including parental controls
  • Online school portal for centralized provision of all IT services and easy access to those
  • Connection of IT services such as Nextcloud, ONLYOFFICE and Moodle to UCS@school and single sign-on access
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Wolfsburg: Offizielles Stadtlogo

District-free city with 18,800 pupils at 37 schools

  • The City of Wolfsburg intends to use the project to create a virtual learning space for the educational landscape in Wolfsburg. Within the framework of a pilot project at 6 schools, initially the central provision of WLAN and web services is to be tested.
  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and UCS@school as Identity Management and Portal Solution for Student and Teacher Identities
  • Connection of the school WLAN to UCS for Internet access at the schools
  • Connection of the learning management system itslearning to UCS for the central administration of users in UCS
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Public sector IT service provider for Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with around 3,500 employees at eight locations.

  • As part of the Phoenix project, Dataport will develop a web-based IT workstation for public administration and educational institutions as an alternative to proprietary solutions such as Microsoft 365. The workplace has to be Open Source software and offer all basic functions for working on the computer: e-mail, calendar, contacts, word processing, chat, video conferencing, collaborative working, and document storage and exchange. The conceptual design and implementation of the project will be supported by partners.
  • Together with a partner consortium consisting of the companies Bechtle GmbH, Capgemini and Frauenhofer, Univention won the tender of Dataport for support in the development of Phoenix. In the project, Univention is supplying the software for the identity management and the end user portal, and is providing consulting services for the technical conception and architecture issues as well as for the selection of Open Source solutions and their integration.
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz logo

A federal office with 750 employees, 9 locations and 950 workstations with conventional office software and specialist applications.

UCS incl. Samba 4.

  • Easy administration and great flexibility at the same time
  • Consistent adminsitration of decentralised it infrastructures
  • Georedundancy and high availability of all services
  • Comprehensive support of all Microsoft Windows workstations and specialist applications
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Logo Landkreis Kassel

The media center maintains 72 schools in the district of Kassel with about 25,000 pupils. It also manages the use of around 6,000 end devices.

  • Central administration of the school IT in spite of the wide-spread area structure
  • Functional IT despite partially poor Internet connection at schools in rural areas
  • Centralized provision of services from the data center Hofgeismar, combined with local school servers

Full extension of UCS@school with central services and school servers.
Partial use of UCS@school administration servers in networks which are separated from the educational network.

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Landesmedienzentrum Baden Wuertemberg LMZ Logo

Over 550 Baden-Württemberg schools, whose school networks and IT services for lessons are supported by the LMZ.

The new version of paedML Linux 6.0, which is based on UCS@school and the Open Source server operating system Univention Corporate Server.

  • Flexible firewall solution for expanded network infrastructures
  • Multi-server operation and multi-school capability
  • Support of current Windows desktops in the schools
  • Control options for teachers such as screen monitoring and transfer or automatic distribution and collection of student data
  • Integration of student smartphones
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Landkreis Friesland - Logo

The district of Rotenburg (Wümme) has nine schools, including three vocational schools, three academic high schools and three special schools. Currently, about 5,750 students and 370 teachers at the vocational schools use UCS@school. A team of four IT employees is responsible for maintaining the approximately 1,200 PCs and 350 notebooks.

  • Interface between school management system and school server with semi-automatic user transfer
  • Easy connection to external pedagogical systems
  • Integration of various school management services
  • Networked work for all users
  • Reliable and intuitive class work mode for teachers
  • UCS@school as central school platform with directory service for Identity Management System (IDM), AD functionalities and school portal
  • Introduction of various pedagogical functions (e.g. class work mode, collection and distribution of files, access to files at school and at home)
  • Direct connection to Nextcloud
  • Perspective: Single sign-on for external services such as learning management systems (LMS)
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Landtag Brandenburg - Logo

In Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim there are currently 19 schools at 21 school locations with around 7,200 students, 670 teachers and around 25 clerks.

The district pursue following goals by using UCS@school:

  • Expansion of the fibre-optic network, which provides 30 Mbit/s in every classroom and an area-wide wifi network in all buildings (temporary solution: exploitation of already existing providers)
  • Provision of mobile terminals, especially at secondary and vocational schools, based on pedagogical concepts
  • Relocation of services to the cloud or to Schwerin‘s computer centre, e.g. data storage, document management, applications, learning applications, e-mail, (school administration software)


  • Definition of a unified IT strategy at the district‘s schools on the basis of the media development plan
  • Central concept for operation and support including necessary know-how build-up and correspondingly efficient organisation
  • Practical privacy policy for all school areas
  • IT security for all computer networks, especially for the pedagogical and administrative network
  • Youth protection via policies and central firewall
  • Backup solution for all data
  • Using UCS@school for a central administration of all users‘ identities as well as a central user-friendly access to all applications
  • itslearning as a learning platform for lesson preparation, provision of learning material and tasks, promotion of group work, communication between teachers, students and parents
  • Integration of the district‘s media centre online media library with learning material
  • Microsoft Outlook for e-mail communication (via MS Office package licence)
  • Central software distribution, support, technical maintenance and supervision by the IT service provider KSM, which is not only supported by Ludwigslust-Parchim district but also by others
  • Various Microsoft Office products (local installation on private terminals via Office 365), including applications such as interactive maps, video editing, etc.
  • File sharing and file storage via cloud solutions including the connection to the the user administration of UCS@school
Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband Logo

The Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband with about 820 employees is responsible for the drinking water supply and wastewater disposal for 20 cities, 56 municipalities and 9 districts in an area of 7.832 km², which extends from the East Frisian islands to the district of Vechta in Lower Saxony.

  • Development of a central identity management for all locations of the water board
  • Simple administration of the Windows and other systems based workstations and clients of the employees at the various branches
  • Connection of further IT services such as an e-mail system to the central IT management
  • Domain administration based on Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
  • Central management of all users and part of the IT services via the Univention Management Console (UMC)
  • Login of employees with one password and user name at various services
  • Use of Samba 4, DNS and DHCP functionalities
  • Connection of Citrix via the UCS Active Directory Connector to the UCS IDM
  • Connection of the Groupware Open-Xchange to the IDM of UCS
  • Simple provision of various services for employees via the browser-based Univention portal
  • Connection of the Citrix environment via synchronization of LDAP via the UCS AD Connector as well as the use of the network services DNS and DHCP and the integration of Samba 4
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