UCS@school ID Connector

The UCS@school ID Connector connects a UCS@school directory to any number of other UCS@school directories (1:n).

It is designed to connect state directories with school districts, but can also be used in other contexts. In any case, please contact the Univention team first before use.

The connection takes place unidirectionally, user data (user, school affiliation, class affiliations) are transferred from a central directory (e.g. country directory) to district or school directories.

School districts and schools are thus enabled to offer school IT infrastructure autonomously without having to worry about user administration.

Prerequisite is the use of the UCS@school Kelvin API on the school authorities.

The local users are synchronized to the remote instances in real time.

For this a configuration is necessary in advance to create an assignment "Which school users should be transferred to which remote instance?" Then these users are created, updated and deleted.

For more information on architecture and configuration, see UCS@school ID Connector Readme.

This app is part of UCS@school and therefore part of the UCS@school subscription.

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