OX in a Box: A Self-Contained Open-Xchange Environment for Containers and Virtual Machines

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Container technologies like Docker make it possible for service providers to easily offer separated, private environments containing Open-Xchange and other services at a low footprint. But usually management of these services is a challenge.

Univention provides a complete open environment to run and manage Open-Xchange inside Docker and popular hypervisors. This includes life-cycle, patch and identity management (IdM), a management GUI for customers, connectors to Microsoft Active Directory, and the possibility to integrate a dozens of other applications.

Secure Operation of Existing Applications in the Corporate Environment with Open Source Tools

Last year I submitted my Master’s thesis titled “Secure Operation of Existing Applications in the Corporate Environment with Open Source Tools”, and successfully earned my degree in IT from Bremen University of Applied Sciences. My research focused in particular on the differences and the security-related advantages/disadvantages of server virtualization compared with operating system virtualization, which had undergone much less intense testing at the time.

As I can imagine that this is a topic which will also be of interest to some of you too, I decided to summarize the most important findings of my work here:

Univention App Center Provider Portal

Übersicht - App Center Provider Portal
In the new App Center Provider Portal we have now developed an extremely convenient and contemporary tool for software providers looking to include their solutions in the Univention App Center and subsequently maintain them.

The App Center is already home to more than 90 different apps developed for use in business IT, including groupware, ERP, CRM, and back-up solutions as well as solutions for a wide range of other application scenarios. Over 50 of these solutions are third-party apps from other developers and providers. For them, the App Center is the perfect channel for introducing their software to new user groups simply and easily. After all, as use of the free Core Edition of UCS and UCS as a subscription model with support and manufacturer’s warranty continues to become more and more widespread, the apps are readily available to an ever large number of organizations and private users.

Introduction to the Univention App Catalog & UCS Appliances

The Univention App Center is an integrated part of UCS, our Open Source server and IT management software. With the integrated App Center UCS provides a central platform for the provision and integration of numerous enterprise applications.

Find more infomation on the App Center and all available appliances at App Catalog.

In the following video we introduce you to the Univention App Catalog and the pre-configured UCS appliances in particular. These appliances allow you to easily test many of the over 90 applications from the App Center.

Release 4.1-4 Supports French and Includes Latest Samba Software

UCS Release 4.1-4 Logo

With UCS 4.1-4 we released the fourth patchlevel release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS). According to UCS wide-spread use on a global scale, the installation wizard and the UCS management system now also support the French language.

Screenshot UCS französisch

On a technical scale, we focused on the improvement of UCS’ robustness, speed, and performance, particularly in large and heterogeneous environments. This focus is attributed to the fact that UCS has been increasingly used for managing identities and rights of large organizations with tens of thousands of users.

Brief Introduction: Docker

beladenes Containerschiff
Docker has been one of the buzzwords in recent years. Containers in itself are nothing new in the Linux world, and anyone using a shared web space is almost certainly using some container implementation. Docker, however, provides management interfaces and isolation mechanisms that make Docker containers more attractive to use in enterprise environments than any prior container implementation.

A good enough reason to have a closer look at Docker.

Digital Opportunities in Education Simply Too Good to Waste

Tafel mit Aufschrift "What's Next"

What is the current situation?

Compared with other developed countries, Germany’s pupils, teachers, and curricula are lagging far behind in terms of digital education and media skills. The German Minister for Education, Johanna Wanka, has identified two principal reasons for this, which will now be addressed in the new DigitalPakt#D strategy. One the one hand she sees a lack of pedagogic concepts and strategies, and on the other an underdeveloped IT infrastructure. I can agree wholeheartedly with this assessment for many sectors.

Cool Solutions – Redmine: project management

Redmine Logo

What are Cool Solutions?

At Univention we define Cool Solutions as solutions which expand UCSs with expedient and useful functions and which are deployed successfully by our customers. We regularly present these solutions in Wiki as Cool Solutions articles.

The Univention blog is a collection of the most popular Cool Solutions. Today, we will be looking at Redmine, a free project management software which we have been using in professional services for many years for internal administration and to coordinate customer projects.

Release of UCS 4.2 planned for April 2017

After having released a new version of UCS with new features each November for the last few years, we have decided this year to reschedule the release of UCS 4.2 for April 2017.

There are a number of reasons for this move, one of the primary ones being the migration of apps from the App Center to the use of the container technology Docker. This results in increased security during operation and the possibility of running apps with different system requirements on one and the same system. In addition, this will also allow us to render the updating of UCS itself and the individual apps more independent of each other, thus significantly reducing the efforts required on the part of app developers and users in the case of new releases.

UCC 3.0 Now Verified as Citrix Ready

A new major version of Univention Corporate Client (UCC), Version 3.0, was released in mid-August. Due to a problem with Citrix Receiver, however, Citrix was not fully supported in that version. Thanks to an update, it has now proved possible to resolve the issue, and complete Citrix support with UCS is now guaranteed once again.

The last release brought with it a changeover of the operating system basis from UCC 3.0 to Ubuntu 16.04 Long Term Support (LTS). The Ubuntu substructure allows users of UCC to benefit both from the large, continuously updated software selection and from the broad hardware support offered by Ubuntu’s use of the latest Linux kernel versions.