With UCS 4.2-1 the first point release for Univention Corporate Server 4.2 is now available.

It includes various detail improvements and error corrections. Some of the most important changes are:

  • The forwarding of e-mails per each mail user can now be saved in the UCS management system.
  • Improvements in changing the password in the Univention Management Console: From now on, also users from a Microsoft Active Directory domain can change their expired passwords. In addition, more hints are now displayed if the password change should fail.
  • The possibilities for IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) configuration have been improved in various services, for example in the Nagios or proxy server configuration and in the UCS management system.

We also placed great emphasis on improving the user-friendliness. So from now on you can configure, for example, the font color in the online portal. This is especially useful when a dark background image has been configured.

Screenshot der Portalseite der UCS Onlinedemo

Enhancements to the UCS Setup wizard will now help you to set up app appliances as well as to join UCS into an existing Microsoft Active Directory.

In addition, the integration of Docker apps has been further improved in the Univention App Center, so the system now responds better to error situations.

Technical detail improvements of release 4.2-1:

  • Improved opportunity to send feedback to Univention via the UMC
  • Improvement of the SAML logins in various places
  • When logging in as a root user, a note appears, because for root, unlike the administrator, the domain modules are, among other things, not available.
  • The proxy configuration of the UCS system is now transmitted to the Docker app.
  • IPv6 addresses can be saved directly on the computer objects in the management system. IPv6 addresses can also be used in the Nagios configuration as well as in the proxy server configuration.
  • The fonts in the online portal can now be configured. This is especially useful when a dark background image has been configured.
  • The join process of a UCS system in a Microsoft Active Directory domain has been improved in several places.
  • Changing the password via UMC has been improved in several places, for example, if the password has expired. Improved error messages will also be displayed if the change should fail.
  • Various misconfigurations of the Cyrus IMAP daemon have been fixed.
  • The package dependencies of the mailstack have been adapted so that Dovecot Pro can now be installed as an alternative to Dovecot.
  • Users from the Microsoft Active Directory domain can now change their expired password to UMC.
  • The setup wizard has been improved in several places, both for setting up the app appliances as for joining into an existing Microsoft Active Directory.
  • An email forwarding can now be stored for each user via the management system.
  • The App Center Docker integration has been improved, so it now better reacts to errors.
  • The radius configuration has been extended in several places.
  • The DDNS handling in UCS domains with Samba 4 has been improved.
  • The synchronization of the Sysvol share can now deal better with error situations.
  • The French translation has been updated.

This and other information on new features, security updates and detail improvements can be found in our

Release Notes (comprehensive changelog)

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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.

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