The third point release of Univention Corporate Server 4.1 – UCS 4.1-3 – is now available to download. It includes various usability improvements, important security updates and all errata updates that have been published in the last three months. One of the main focuses of this release is on the further extension of the App Center such as offering software vendors the possibility to provide Docker-based apps.

With this release it is now much easier to migrate conventional apps to Docker-based apps. This allows vendors to offer their apps in both formats via the App Center. In addition, we improved the Docker integration of the App Center in UCS.

One more added value for app vendors: From now app vendors can define an individual brand design for the app appliances of their solutions which are generally available as ready-to-use, virtual images. Besides, a fast demonstration mode can now be activated for these appliances that allows very quick appliance tests with pre-defined configurations. Via the provision of Univention Appliances software vendors can now also offer product tests on their websites without having to bother about the operating system.

Several import security updates have been integrated into UCS 4.1-3, among others for libvirt, OpenSSL, QEMU and Samba. Furthermore, security updates in the standard LDAP ACLs and the UMC server have been integrated.

Very interesting for large IT scenarios, for example educational institutions managing UCS environments with tens of thousands of pupils and teachers: From now a domain join of additional Samba-based Active Directory domain controllers with more than 100,000 directory service objects is possible.

One further improvement: Configuration settings for the database management system MySQL can now be defined via UCR variables. Settings of the database system can thus be adapted more easily to the apps’ needs.

And last but not least it is now also easier to translate UCS in different languages. A French translation has already been completed and is currently implemented. A Portuguese translation is not yet planned.

Innovations at a glance:

  • Various important security updates, among others for libvirt, OpenSSL, QEMU and Samba
  • Elimination of potential security risks in the LDAP ACLs
  • Stabilization of the replication mechanisms, for example as to the renaming of LDAP objects with several RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names)
  • The login into the UMC (Univention Management Console) now also works with Chrome 51.
  • Various improvements of the App Center’s Docker integration such as the running of join scripts in Docker containers and the registration on the UCS overview page.
  • Apps can now be provided with an individual branding and a fast demonstration mode and can also be easier “dockerized”.
  • The Docker daemon start options can now easily be configured via UCR.
  • The default Docker image for apps has been modified so that the cron daemon starts per default.
  • User objects in the management system can now be extended by further options via the use of extended attributes.
  • Various improvements of the translation process make it easier for third-parties to offer UCS in another language.
  • Various detail improvements of the local certification tools such as further UCR variables for an easier configuration and the maintenance of server certificates when server objects are moved within the directory service.
  • A snapshot via UVMM (Univention Virtual Machine Manager) is now also possible with virtual machines of more than 4 GB RAM.
  • Increase of the default RPC timeouts in the DRS replication to allow the join of another Samba-based Active Directory domain controller with more than 100,000 directory objects.
  • Configuration settings for the database management system MySQL can now be defined via UCR variables.

A detailed listing of all changes can be found in the release notes.

For questions about the new functions please refer to the Univention forum.

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Alice Horstmann

Head of Communications

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