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The Kaspersky Security for Linux Mailserver app was developed by bitbone AG in cooperation with Univention and Kaspersky Lab support.

The proven security product from Kaspersky is thus also available for the widely used Univention Corporate Server. Thanks to the adaptations, it can be easily installed and deployed via the App Center.

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The functions at a glance

  • Scan of incoming, outgoing and archived mails
  • Intelligent spam filtering reduces network workload
  • Reporting, statistics and logs

The app made by bitbone protects emails on mail servers with UCS basis. Specifically developed for use on UCS, the Kaspersky Security for Linux Mailserver app can be easily installed via the Univention App Center. A separate interface for the management of the anti-spam and anti-virus engines, the backup options, rules and reports supports administrators in their work.

The robust anti-virus engine is optimized for operation and integration in Linux environments. The smallest possible use of server resources reduces shortages. In addition, the configuration allows various optimizations as to the careful use of the system resources.

With the help of a multi-layered spam filtering, which obtains the pattern from Kaspersky’s KSN service and the ones used for anti-virus, a very good detection rate of spam emails is achieved. This allows data traffic to be significantly reduced by filtering unwanted messages.

Screenshot KIaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server Traffic Chart

What makes the app different from other solutions?

Years of experience

As a partner from the very start in Germany, bitbone has accumulated experience in the use of Kaspersky products since 2001. At the same time, the focus of the IT service provider has been on Linux and Open Source – particularly on the Debian distribution, which is the base of UCS. The contact between Univention and bitbone has also been established when they both started their companies.

Stable, high-performance engine

Due to the latest anti-virus engine, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server achieves high detection rates and higher scanning speeds. Malicious email attachments are detected quickly and accurately.

Very good heuristics

The Kaspersky heuristics offer real-time protection – even against new emerging threats. Via the cloud-based database KSN, the solution receives information on infection and malware attacks worldwide. This information is used to improve the real-time protection of all customers.

The app has been developed exclusively for UCS and is only available through the Univention App Center. In this context, bitbone also offers corresponding support offers for UCS customers. Using a special test key, the use of the app is free during the test period of 30 days. After the test key has expired, a corresponding runtime key for the individual number of users must be acquired from bitbone.

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Christof Musik

In 2007 Christof Musik started to work as a software developer at bitbone, meanwhile working as an IT consultant. His work focuses, among other things, on the areas of monitoring (Nagios/Icinga, CheckMK), configuration management (Puppet, Ansible), and communication (Kopano, Postfix, Exim).