From James T. Kirk to data security with privacyIDEA

We have all got something to hide. There are secrets and information that we only want selected individuals to know and be able to use. In business situations, the rules are often even stricter.

We have all got something to hide. There are some data that the law itself states not everybody should have access to.

Data need to be protected

Some data need to be protected. We need to make sure that we can reliably verify the identity of the individual attempting to access the data. To this end, there are systems available that we can employ to manage identities. Like Univention Corporate Server, for example. The simplest version of verifying an authorised user’s identity is also the one which has been tried and tested for the longest time: whether the user knows a secret. A password.

Yet simple passwords are falling more and more into disuse. For a long time now we’ve heard from reports across all media that simply knowing the secret “password” is no longer enough for reliably guaranteeing identities and protecting access to our data.

Community-developed Open Source solutions in a corporate environment

Enterprise Open Source solutions
To deliver a value, every infrastructure needs applications. If you review the Open Source business solutions market, community-developed Open Source solutions are often among the very best solutions. Examples are Redmine (project and process management), WordPress (publishing and blogging), DokuWiki (wiki), Subversion & Git (version control), Discourse (forum) and many more. Also, some renown companies like SugarCRM, NetSuite, and Suse have grown out of community-developed Open Source projects.

A large community ensures ongoing enhancements and the solution usually has numerous, helpful plug-ins and themes, so that it can be used for multiple business requirements. Furthermore, the speed with which new features are released is often impressive. From a functional point of view, the result is usually just great.