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Browser-supported Office solutions such as Office 365 or Google Apps for Work (now G Suite) make mobile working much easier and reduce administrative efforts, because they are not anymore installed on the computer but run in the cloud. Administrators don’t need to maintain license lists anymore, nor do regular software updates, and incompatibility issues are a thing of the past.

With the connectors “Google App for Work Connector” and „Office 365 Connector“ we developed two apps that help you facilitate administrative tasks as well as make user access safer and easier. Administrators thus manage all users access centrally via UCS while the users themselves access the cloud services from within their working environment with their usual passwords.

In this short video we will show you how you can easily download and integrate the „Google App for Work Connector“ from the Univention App Center and integrate it in your UCS environment.

Thanks to the connector, you will keep full control of all identities in your IT environment when you use this Google cloud service, because all encrypted user passwords will be kept in your environment. The authentification of the users against the service takes place in UCS and no data will be transferred to the cloud service itself.

After the installation of the connector via the Univention App Center you will be guided step by step through the configuration process by a wizard. After the successful configuration you go to the Univention Management Console where you can provide your users with the access to this service or create new users who shall be able to use Google Apps for Work (G Suite).

Users who want to use Google Apps for Work respectively G Suite will then access this service by logging in to the UMC with their normal user credentials. They don’t need to set up their own Google Apps for Work accounts. This handling also increases the overall security of the network, because the access rights of all employees, also former ones, are managed centrally. The central management of licenses is another advantage, because it allows the administrator to have central control of all licenses and license costs.

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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.

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