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With UCS 4.1-4 we released the fourth patchlevel release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS). According to UCS wide-spread use on a global scale, the installation wizard and the UCS management system now also support the French language.

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On a technical scale, we focused on the improvement of UCS’ robustness, speed, and performance, particularly in large and heterogeneous environments. This focus is attributed to the fact that UCS has been increasingly used for managing identities and rights of large organizations with tens of thousands of users.

The update of the integrated software Samba to version 4.5.1 also contributes to these improvements. Users now benefit from many optimizations, particularly in the areas of DRS replication, compatibility of UCS with Active Directory, file services and printer handling.

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In addition, the implementation of Docker-based apps in the Univention App Center has been simplified in UCS 4.1-4.

The UCS’ Linux kernel has been updated to the latest 4.1 version. It now provides a current, stable long-term kernel, which brings various security updates, stability improvements as well as newer and updated drivers for an enhanced hardware support.

Further technical improvements of the release 4.1-4 are:

  • The UCS installation wizard and management system are now available in French. To enable French, existing systems first update to UCS 4.1-4 and then install the package “univention-l10n-fr” via the package administration. If you are new to UCS, French can be directly selected from within the installer.
  • Easier configuration of OpenLDAP limits by means of Univention Configuration Registry variables which allows central settings in large, distributed environments in particular.
  • Larger improvement of the robustness of revision-safe LDAP loggings, for example, when it comes to storing binary attributes or with LDAP objects that have no defined attributes.
  • Further development of the LDAP replication: It now recognizes independently if hard disk space is lacking and will then stop the replication process. In case of a selective LDAP replication UCS now recognizes the area an object is moved to, even if this area can not be read. This leads to more stability of the system.
  • The configuration and maintenance of a Docker app now becomes much easier as the App Center now provides Docker apps with a database on the host system which will be kept if the Docker container is exchanged. Besides, the App Center now also supports Docker and non-Docker variations of one app in parallel. A final migration to Docker can thus be deferred, if wanted.
  • Simplification and acceleration of the domain join of further Samba 4 domain controllers, particularly in large and distributed environments.
  • Faster and better synchronization of objects between OpenLDAP and the Samba 4 directory in large environments.
  • Active Directory Connector now supports the synchronization of groups with more than 1,500 members. This tool also includes new configuration options such as the separate and independent setting of the synchronization direction for users and groups which contributes to more flexibility for different tasks.
  • Important security updates, among other things, for Bind9, MySQL, OpenSSL, and the Linux kernel.

These and a number of further new features, security updates and detail improvements can be found in our release notes:

Release Notes (Changelog)

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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.

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