Starting signal for the Sovereign Administrative Workplace

Startschuss souveräner Verwaltungsarbeitsplatz
A huge opportunity for digitalization of not just the administration!

Last week, the project “Sovereign Administrative Workplace” was officially launched at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and in the presence of the Federal CIO State Secretary Markus Richter: Working together with Dataport and a number of other manufacturers from the open source ecosystem, Univention is developing the software for the administrative workplace of the future.

Samba: Backup and Restore on UCS

Backup & Restore UCS
Do you administer any Windows machines in your UCS domain? Do you also use Samba to provide an Active Directory-compliant domain controller with a login service for the Windows clients? If the answer is yes, you may have wondered what backup and restore strategy is best suited for your environment. What data do you need to back up? How do you go about restoring a single domain controller (DC) in the event of an emergency? And what to do if the entire domain is affected by a failure?

UCS 5 Dashboard available – Alert Manager replaces Nagios-Integration

Detailed domain and server monitoring for important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as disk usage, memory, CPU, network, etc. is an indispensable part of ensuring the smooth, trouble-free operation of an UCS environment. Using the UCS Dashboard, administrators can quickly obtain an overview of the status of a UCS domain and its servers via different dashboards.

Blog Series about Digital Sovereignty

Digital Sovereignty: Blog Series

Part 1: How to secure the ability to create and control for Germany and Europe with Open Source Software

What is Digital Sovereignty? Why is it so important? Where does OSS come into play for the development of an intra-European solution and what contribution does Univention make? These are the very questions our working student Ann-Kathrin addresses in part one of this blog series on Digital Sovereignty.

Architecture Documentation of UCS as example for iterative writing

Univention Corporate Server Architecture
The documentation family for Univention products grew by a new member, the Univention Corporate Server Architecture. You can find the document online and for download as PDF. It is the first iteration of a much larger documentation project that covers the technical architecture behind Univention Corporate Server (UCS) on different detail levels for different audiences.

Second Point Release: Univention Corporate Server 5.0-2

With the Point Release UCS 5.0-2, another important step has been taken for further developing Univention Corporate Server towards more accessibility, better usability, as well as the integration of services and their central management. In this blog article, I would like to give you an overview of the most important new features and improvements, such as the integration of Self Services into the UCS Portal, the introduction of service-specific passwords or various performance improvements in the use of DNS and LDAP, as well as an overview of the apps made available for UCS 5.

UCS and UCS@school: on the Road to Accessibility

Barrierefreiheit in UCS
Most of us find it difficult to imagine what it’s like to work on a computer, tablet or smartphone with limited physical, sensory and/or cognitive abilities. There are numerous obstacles out there in the digital world, not just for users with physical disabilities. Older people and non-native speakers face barriers in digital environments as well—so let’s talk about how we can include all users, in particular users in the education and in the public sector.

The future is UCS 5

End of UCS 4
In May 2021, the release of UCS 5 took place. Important changes are:

  • New design and improved user interface
  • Expansion of Univention App Center
  • New core: Debian “Buster” and Python 3
  • Simplification and concentration on the essentials

Since the release of UCS 5, installations have been increasing daily. New systems are being installed and existing UCS 4 systems are being updated.